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Fun Fact Black Friday: Black Sox Scandel


Group Shot of 1919 White Sox

The 1919 Chicago White Sox.

Well, it’s Black Friday, and I thought, Black Friday, Black Sox. See where I am going here? We’ve all heard, “Say it ain’t so Joe” (which, in reality, was probably never said). The 1919 World Series left a black mark on baseball, to be later called the Black Sox Scandal. 8 players from the Chicago White Sox agreed to fix the World Series for $100,000. Now, I will just give you some facts. To learn about the whole story, read “Eight Men Out” by Eliot Asinof. He really uncovers all of the scandal.

There were eight players from the White Sox banned from baseball. They were so banned that if anyone played with them, they would also be banned.

Shoeless Joe Jackson ,Eddie Cicotte, Oscar Felsch, Claude Williams, Arnold Gandil, Fred McMullin, Charles Risberg, and George Weaver.

OK, so the story in the most basic terms is this: Gandil and Cicotte supposedly went to a bunch of gamblers and offered to throw the game. The gamblers would give the ballplayers $100,000 to divide amongest themselves.

Jackson never attended meetings with the other players about the fix, but he did take $5,000 and did later confess to the authorities on his part of the scandal. But he later recanted his confession, and the confession went missing from the court. (Ooh, spooky.)

Cicotte, a pitcher, also confessed and recanted, and his confession went missing.

The eight were tried and were acquitted of criminal actions. But with baseball, they were all banned. Weaver heard about the fix and took no part in it, but his punishment was the same because he knew about the fix and did not tell authorities. Baseball Commissioner Landis said about Weaver, “Men associating with crooks and gamblers could expect no leniency.”

Miss Baseball would like to thank, for giving her such great information.

Happy Thanksgiving from Miss Baseball



My son Ian made this turkey. No, it’s not a Texas Rangers turkey, and he loves the Rangers. During games on TV, he would put on the foam finger and yell out “Go Rangers.”  This year, Jayson was a Royal, and my child came on board with me. So when his teacher asked the class to disguise a turkey so he could make it past Thanksgiving, Ian came up with a baseball player. And I MAY have influenced which team to pick. OK, I told him, “Let’s make it a Royal.” He likes his Royals turkey. I am very lucky. I have two boys, and they have autism, and they don’t like a lot of things, but they do like baseball. We will watch the games, and for that, I am very grateful that I can share this with them. My oldest, Ben, who has more severe autism, is starting to figure out how the game is played, and he knows the bases, and it’s starting to click for him. And for that, I am very thankful. Ian is my youngest, and he loves all the clapping and loves to scream “CHARGE!” and “LET’S GO RANGERS! LET’S GO!” Yeah, the apple didn’t fall far from that tree 😉 I am so thankful for a life with baseball and two kids to share it with. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jayson Nix is a free agent, and I know where he is going.



Here he is loving the game.

Miss Baseball was sad to learn that Jayson Nix has left the Kansas City Royals for free agency. I will be honest. He’s my favorite player. You don’t always get to choose who you cheer for; sometimes they just stay in your heart. I met Jayson ten years ago when he was in AA ball, He was a Tulsa Driller, and I was a San Antonio Missions fan. I think the fans that night thought I lost my damn mind when I just started cheering for Jayson but no other Driller. I would cheer for the Missions, but when Jayson came up to bat, I would go well a little batty. Why did I cheer for him? Well, I’ve told you I am a die-hard Rangers fan, and his brother is Laynce Nix, at the time a Ranger. So I went to support Jayson because of Laynce but what happened next, well, it would change this fan forever. After the game, I went to go get Jayson’s autograph, I went up to him.

I call out, “Hey Jayson.”

He looks right at me and with almost a stern face says, “Were you the one cheering for me?”

Now I am at this point very used to being in a Major League ballpark, but I had only been in San Antonio in the minor league park for about a year. So as funny as this sounds, I was three rows from home plate, and it never occurred to me that Jayson could actually hear me. I have to admit, I was suddenly scared that he was going to think I was some crazy person.

I sheepishly admit “Yes.”

A big smile comes across his face. He looks at a teammate and says, “Hey, it’s my fan!”

We have a little chat about nothing important, just that I was there to cheer him because his brother was a Ranger. He thanks me for coming out and signs my program, which I still have. And then it happened. You have to be a fan to understand. Something happens, either a play or an interaction. Something makes you become a fan. I took one look at those blue eyes, and I was done. I was his fan. Laynce has left not only the Rangers but baseball, and here I am still cheering for Jayson.

I nearly died when I saw him in the World Series, I so thought he was going to get a ring. I cried for two days when the Royals lost. Now he’s gone, and I had hoped he would stay at Kansas City. But they were going to put him in the minors, and I know he is better than that. Then I started thinking, where is he going? Where has he been? Well, before Kansas City, he was a Pirate. The manager there was the same person who brought Jayson up to the majors. He bounced around between Tampa and Philly, but before that, he was a Yankee. (I will never cheer for the team but I will always cheer for him. That’s baseball love right there.) Joe Girardi had been very supportive of Jayson during his time at the Yankees. Jayson was released by the Yankees after recovering from injuries, but now he is healthy and ready to play ball. Miss Baseball, how can you think that he is going to be a Yankee? Well, the evil empire has a key position that Jayson can play: third base. According to the Bleacher Report, ( Brian Cashman is looking for a third baseman. So you heard it here first. Jayson Nix is going to be a Yankee. If I am wrong, I will buy a Yankee hat and take a picture of me wearing it. We shall wait and see. In the meantime, Go Jayson!

Vote for Biggio



The list for the Hall of Fame is out. This list is a veritable who’s who of baseball from the ’90s. Two of the “Killer B’s” are on the list, and the scuttlebutt is that Craig Biggio will not have enough votes to make it this year, after falling short last year. I am so mad right now, I am wearing my Astros hat. Why are we having this conversation? Why is it not just a given? So let me refresh the BBWAA minds of who Craig Biggio is. I could say something simple: 3,000 hits. That should be enough to get someone who hasn’t cheated into the Hall of Fame, But apparently, the BBWAA needs more, so let’s look at something I hold near and dear to my heart. He stayed with one team his whole career. 291 home runs, an All-Star and in the ’90s, a force to be reckoned with. In the Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, page 315, he says Craig Biggio is the BEST UNRECOGNIZED PLAYER. He also lists Biggio as number 35 of the 100 GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME, which you can read about on page 162. I will summarize for you. Biggio is better than Ken Griffey Jr., other than home runs. I am not someone who is an expert in baseball, but Bill James is, and to quote:

“Look, I’m not knocking Ken Griffey. Ken Griffey Jr. is a great ballplayer. Craig Biggio is better. The fact that nobody seems to realize this, well that’s not my problem. I’m not going to rate players by how many Nike commercials they do.” (Page 362 if you want to read the whole summary yourself).

I am done with my rant, but there is a real injustice in baseball. Craig Biggio needs to be in the Hall of Fame, and he needs to be in NOW!

It all started with me and a Texas Ranger hat





Here I am, a very determined little girl. I was going to the Texas Ranger game, and the fact that I couldn’t drive was not going to stop me. I have always loved baseball. What happened to the hat on my head?  I am told by my parents it crumbled from use, I wore it all the time and I would only take it off for the few minutes to wash my hair and then it was to be placed back on my wet head. I loved that hat. i now own 6 Texas Ranger hats, and  2 Houston Astros hats.  Yes, I grew into a die hard ranger fan and baseball fan. When i got to play softball I learned how to bat like Julio Franco. I didn’t have his power but I didn’t strike out and I was fourth in the lineup.  I on the field however, I can honestly say I do not belong there, I was horrible. I have great respect for anyone who can catch a pop up.  I can play catch pretty well, and if need be I could catch a fast foul ball into the stands, which is why I always take my glove.

Now for the love of the game, as the years went on, I kept watching this game I love, hoping the big bats would send a frozen rope to the stands, I started to learn and understand what was happening, I would argue with calls and I could see why a player miss the ball either at the bat or on the field. It came together for me and it became a passion.  Which is why I am here, I am here to share my passion for baseball with you. so Welcome to Miss Baseball, a place where I can share my ideas and thoughts and knowledge to you. Why am I called Miss Baseball?  Well I can’t say I chose this name it was given to me, when I worked for the Texas Rangers, one of the executives gave me my name when I knew how to say Justin  Duchscherer.  I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life and I love for you to join the ride. So lets sit back and Play Ball!