You are too young to be a manager.


Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Raul Ibanez is currently up for the manager’s job for the Tampa Bay Rays. He’s 42 and played last season for the Kansas City Royals. Now, my title might have grabbed you. I am not saying the skill sets are not there because a manager is young. If fact, some young blood may help a club. But the reality for me is, I am not old enough to have seen guys who play ball become managers. I am floored at the signing of Paul Molitor. I remember when he played. I remember the big hitting streak in 1987. Now he’s going to lead the Twins, and I feel old. Brad Ausmus, Robin Ventura (every Texas Rangers fan knows Robin Ventura; seriously dude, why did you charge the mound on Nolan?) Joe Girardi … The list goes on. I AM NOT THAT OLD! I am a little surprised at the fact that a player who recently stopped playing would jump right in the manager chair. I would think of a break and some time to recoup after a long career before jumping into another one. I hope Ibanez gets the position. Now, where is my cane that I can swing at the TV and say, “I remember when he played.”

old lady tv

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