Why I’m avoiding all the trade talk.


The Winter meetings are going on in San Diego, right now. All of baseball is clamoring to see who is going where. The big items are starting pitchers. Where are they going? How much are they going to get? And for how long is their contract? The whole Lester story sounds like a story line from some Oscar-nominated drama. I think it need some sort of trailer:

1 pitcher 5 teams, whoever gets him gets a ring. Coming this Spring to a stadium near you Jon Lester!

No matter how good a pitcher is and Lester is good Career WHIP of 1.28. The thing you can’t predict is injury, How is he going to fit in the clubhouse?, Are the fans going to like him?, Is he going to like his home ballpark?, Or like the league? If he changes leagues. These and many more factors are why I avoid all the trade talk.

That being said, the reason I am talking about it now is there is a nasty rumor that the Royals might break up their three- headed monster. Oh NO! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You have something great don’t change it. On another note, I had a big rant on Shields but I decided against so I will just say this. Shields go sit at the KC table and take what they give you and be happy. You need to take them back to the World Series and you need to show them how to win one.

Miss baseball has been traded, Details pending. Ha ha ha!

About Miss Baseball

I am a lover of baseball. I love everything about the game. From the Hot Guys in tight white pants bending over, to the stats, the history, the strategy. I love it all. It would be even better if I and women like me could play. One day soon.....

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