Ok, I know I’m late to the metrics game. Today’s post is going to be short, my head is fuzzy from my new pain meds, knee surgery is on the 29. Back to metrics, I didn’t understand it, so I stayed away from it. This World Series, I saw Gabe Kapler really show how to use the data.  It showed how one player was the same as another player. I could finally understand why metrics are such a big deal.

The other day I was talking with a friend about all the recent A’s trades.
“Its Moneyball” he tells me
“I haven’t seen it” I tell him
My friend fussed at me for not seeing Moneyball.
“I hated metrics then so I avoided the movie. ” I told him.
” well to understand the trades you have to at least watch the movie, then you will understand where Billy’s head is at.” My friend informs me.
“What formula is Billy using to make the trades?” I ask my friend
“Well no one knows for sure, it’s calculated formulas”
“You mean like the stock market.” I exclaim
“Yes, you could make that comparison.”
” Yes, oh ok, I understand now what’s happening with the A’s”
In short let’s give a very brief explanation of Moneyball: players are stocks, teams are portfolios and the MLB is the New York Stock Exchange. Now I’m going to watch Moneyball.

About Miss Baseball

I am a lover of baseball. I love everything about the game. From the Hot Guys in tight white pants bending over, to the stats, the history, the strategy. I love it all. It would be even better if I and women like me could play. One day soon.....

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