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Fun Fact Friday: defensive shifts


There has been a lot of talk about defensive shifts in baseball. But what is one? Well, a picture says a 1,000 words, so here you go.


Clearly, the batter hits to the right. The fielders have all come over. Much like when you have a flooding problem, you put sandbags where the water is coming up.
Another view of the shift below


Look at the left side. Nothing! To be an effective hitter, you have to use the whole field. You cannot be so predictable that a shift can be used on you.

TBT: on the field at the ballpark in Arlington.


Happy me on the field right before the game.

This was in September 2001, and I’m volunteering with the Texas Rangers Women’s Club. A wonderful organization that uses its fund to bring kids to Rangers games. The Rangers honored us by allowing us to line up right by the dugout as the Ranger players took the field.
I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing too.
I had visions of the guys giving me high fives as they took the field. What actually happened was another story.
Now everyone in baseball knows Frank Catalanotto and Gabe Kapler. Nice guys, signs stuff for fans. You get the picture.

Now as a fan, we see it from a far, never up close. The GAME FACE. I was not prepared. I had only seen these guys off the field. As we lined up they changed, the intensity came over them as the announcer drew out “your Texas Rangers!!!!” And the image I could use is a wolf. Strong, Beautiful, Intense, Deadly.
Gone was the nice Frank Catalanotto instead he ran quickly to his position with an intense brooding that was frightening.  Gabe Kapler, whose massive physique only intensified his wolf persona. As he ran by I wanted to throw a steak at him and run the opposite direction.
As they took the field the ground rumbled, and I had this fear that the wolves would attack but they just ran by and I had a sense of relief as we were escorted off the field.

To witness first hand the drive, the determination, the focus. It made me proud that these guys still had their fire. That being said I would never want to be on the field at game time ever again. When it’s game time I will be in the stands away from the wolves.

Thank You Dean Palmer



Fear has no place as a player or as a fan.  I’m just sitting here smiling and then a fit of giggles comes out, then the tears well up. I’m 16 again. I have so much to say but no words to say it. A horrible predicament. Dean,  thank you for this lovely autograph it’s my first personalized one. I will treasure it always. Thank you for reading my blog and responding to my request. Thank you for letting me correct a twenty year old mistake. Never again will I be afraid to go after what I want.

Josh Hamilton owes me an apology


According to the Dallas Morning News:

Ranger fans cheered and clapped when GM Jon Daniels shot down rumors of a Josh Hamilton return. This reaction is no surprise to Miss Baseball or other Ranger fans. We are still mad at Josh, but I thought everyone knew why. Then I read this from blogger David Cash

I was thinking it was going to be a feel-good article about how we shouldn’t hold grudges and such, but no, he seemed to not understand why Ranger fans were mad and started quoting stats about how great Josh was. I thought surely this was just one person who didn’t understand, but then I read an article by Marc Lancaster:

Again, no mention about Josh’s harsh words, and then it hit me. They didn’t know. They didn’t know what Josh had done to make us so mad. Please let me take this chance to enlighten you.

I thought at first I would type it all out, but the videos are too good. Click to see what started this firestorm.


Then to add further insult to injury, his harsh words continued on with his return to Texas.

To Josh Hamilton:

I have been a Texas Ranger fan for more than 30 yrs. I have cheered for my team through the good and the bad.



You were a Ranger, and I loved you and embraced you as a player for my team. Then when you left, your words hurt me in my heart, this place where I love all my baseball players.  The only time I have booed for a Ranger, his name was Steve Buechele.

I have cheered for other former Rangers. When Ruben Sierra came up to bat in a Yankee uniform, I went bat-shit crazy cheering for him. Ruben is awesome, even being a part of the evil empire.

The difference?

Ruben has said nothing bad about Ranger fans.

Josh, I want an apology. I am a true fan and you have insulted me.

Fun fact friday: Rick Helling


Watching Rick Helling in 1998, win 20 games was nothing short of amazing. He is one of my all time favorite Rangers. Rick is being honored tonight at the Dr. Pepper Awards Dinner as a recipient of the Mark Holtz Alumni Award. So for fun fact Friday, a few fun facts about Rick Helling.
His Jersey with the Rangers #32
In 1998 he won 20 games
He was on the Marlins both times they won the World Series.
In the minors a broken bat impaled his arm, he was back pitching 5 days later
He now works as a special assistant for the Players Association.

To read more about Rick Helling:



I really am Miss Baseball. Of all the universities I could attend, I am a proud alumni, of the University of Texas at Arlington a true baseball university. Located minutes away from Globe Life ( I still call it “the ballpark”). I will always have a soft spot for Hunter Pence, he got there two years after I graduated. I had the fortune to watch him rise up in the Texas League. (Double A) and was very proud to see him make it. Now our university is honoring him by placing him in their Hall of Fame. Congratulations Hunter!
To find out more read about it here:

Want to speed up the game.


Pitch clocks are baseball’s newest solution for speeding up the game. Social media, is battling it out with expects from both sides giving compelling arguments. I am interested to see how the pitch clock affects the game. But if you want to speed up the game the solution seems obvious to me. Less time in between innings. Also lets stick to the start time. I love special ceremonies but let’s make them an hour before the game or make them event all on their own. There three speed up methods and no pitch clock.

Fun Fact Friday: Pitch Clocks


Ok sorry for the late post. I had to go mail a picture. I just read an article from Milb, about pitch clocks being used this season. San Antonio is home to AA ball club, the San Antonio Missions. So I find this interesting, but let’s see how it works out.

TBT: Dean Palmer



Here is my unsigned 8×10 of Dean Palmer. I love baseball, I love the nature of the game. I love the stats and I love to watch diving catches and big homeruns. But before I loved the game,I loved the ballplayers.

I had a huge crush on Dean Palmer! Oh I had it bad, doodles on the notebook, (What!  Hollie Palmer has a nice ring to it) confused friends who couldn’t understand why I was so into baseball. This is not a tale of my interaction with him, because there is none. I could never get the courage to ask him to sign my photo, the best I could do was write to him. A week later he was traded to Kansas City. The Rangers were kind enough to send my letter back. I cried for a week.  A harsh lesson learned.  I should go up to the players say Hi, maybe get a autograph, maybe a picture. Now with the power of social media and a little bit of bravery, I can ask the question I have been waiting so long to ask.  So Dean Palmer Can I have your autograph?