HOF 499 wasted votes



Well the results are in and per my doctors orders I will not be jumping or dancing for the excitement of Craig Biggio getting in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Congrats! While working for the Rangers, I met briefly Pedro,he was very nice. I am happy to see someone deserving in. Both Johnson and Smoltz are well all I can say is YES!

There is another side. To get in you must get 412 votes, and 499 votes were wasted on KNOWN PED users.  This is a stat we can’t ignore. There is always the argument that the players can be judged on their performance before they used PED ‘s. For me, if they did it for one day, then they forfeit the right to be in the Hall.

I don’t want someone in the Hall of Fame who has the thought.
” Ok I need something at any cost to make me better. I’m going to find a way to get around the rules.”
Of course your numbers are going to be great if you cheated.

In Vegas, if you count cards your kicked out. Insider trading is wrong and punishable with jail time. In baseball, you can still get into the Hall of Fame, there is something fundamentally wrong with this notion.

I’m officially offended that these degenerates are on the ballot, but I’m more offended is how anyone can vote for them.
We must tell the world that Baseball’s Hall of Fame is filled with ballplayers who took a simple game and with hard work and great skill made the game something extraordinary.

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