On the DL part 3


Well I had my knee surgery on Dec 29. I tore my lateral meniscus. Want to see the pictures here you go.


Pic 5 and 6 are my torn lateral meniscus


Picture 8 all cleaned up

I’m recovering nicely, with almost no swelling. I’m able to walk on it. Although, I look like I’m skiing when I walk without my crutch.

This injury has given me a different perspective on when baseball players get hurt. As a fan we wonder when our player is coming back but we don’t think about what it’s like to go through an injury.
I have gone through almost all the stages of being on the DL, first injury, then MRI, then diagnosis, then surgery, now recovery, next week I start rehab, to work on range of motion and strengthening my leg.

So to all the injured ballplayers, here is hope for a speedy recovery.

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