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Inside the mind of baseball


I am a strong believer in the mind makes the ballplayer. It seems that the Dodgers and the Red Sox seem to agree with me. I just read two interesting articles about the mind and baseball first was from the Boston Globe.

In short the Red Sox have a behavioral health department to help the team keep their head in the game at all times. Also to help the minor leagues adjust to life in baseball. I applaud this effort to develop the mind of the player and the mind is the greatest skill a player can have. there are going to be times when the mechanics fail and it is the mind that brings the body back.

I have an interesting insight to the next article, I am a part of Kap Lifestyle. Gabe Kapler’s health and wellness website.

( go to if you are into health and fitness, or just go to it because the information is some of the best out there)

I have had the privilege to read Kap’s thoughts on all topics but one topic  he is quite passionate about is the mind. For instance today post was how Inspirational speeches can be used to motivate you to workout. (check out the article here:

So I was very interested to read this from the dodgers blog ( Kap has some wonderful insights and to a young ballplayers mind lays the foundation for strong steady ballplayer. to quote Kap:

““We believe stronger and more well-adjusted men are more confident men, and more confident men equal better baseball players, and better baseball players equal a more championship-caliber team,”

All the teams need to be doing this, your body can only take you so far, but the mind can take you anywhere.

Twitter and baseball so much fun


The other day I was on Twitter and the Blue Jays did a retweet.


I thought “Hey! its Frank, I could write a whole other post about the Frank Catalanotto Fnd, but when I started following it, I then saw Frank’s official Twitter account. and started following that too.

I was very excited to find Frank, as he is one of my favorite former Rangers and all around nice guy.  so I just put out there.

Do you know who favorited it?  Pudge and Frank! This makes me so happy and gets me excited to work more on this blog, so in the coming months I am going to dare to ask for interviews and I am going to be more vocal on my opinions on baseball.  Be patient with me as I am still recovering from knee surgery. The best is yet to come.


Fun fact Friday Biggio


Well in a few minutes, the celebration will begin at Minute Maid Park for Craig Biggio. When I heard that he started crying when he got the call that he was in the Hall of Fame. I just burst out into tears too. So for today fun fact some stats on HOF inductee Craig Biggio


Congratulations on getting in the Hall of Fame. You are truly deserving.

On the DL part 3


Well I had my knee surgery on Dec 29. I tore my lateral meniscus. Want to see the pictures here you go.


Pic 5 and 6 are my torn lateral meniscus


Picture 8 all cleaned up

I’m recovering nicely, with almost no swelling. I’m able to walk on it. Although, I look like I’m skiing when I walk without my crutch.

This injury has given me a different perspective on when baseball players get hurt. As a fan we wonder when our player is coming back but we don’t think about what it’s like to go through an injury.
I have gone through almost all the stages of being on the DL, first injury, then MRI, then diagnosis, then surgery, now recovery, next week I start rehab, to work on range of motion and strengthening my leg.

So to all the injured ballplayers, here is hope for a speedy recovery.

HOF 499 wasted votes



Well the results are in and per my doctors orders I will not be jumping or dancing for the excitement of Craig Biggio getting in the Baseball Hall of Fame! Congrats! While working for the Rangers, I met briefly Pedro,he was very nice. I am happy to see someone deserving in. Both Johnson and Smoltz are well all I can say is YES!

There is another side. To get in you must get 412 votes, and 499 votes were wasted on KNOWN PED users.  This is a stat we can’t ignore. There is always the argument that the players can be judged on their performance before they used PED ‘s. For me, if they did it for one day, then they forfeit the right to be in the Hall.

I don’t want someone in the Hall of Fame who has the thought.
” Ok I need something at any cost to make me better. I’m going to find a way to get around the rules.”
Of course your numbers are going to be great if you cheated.

In Vegas, if you count cards your kicked out. Insider trading is wrong and punishable with jail time. In baseball, you can still get into the Hall of Fame, there is something fundamentally wrong with this notion.

I’m officially offended that these degenerates are on the ballot, but I’m more offended is how anyone can vote for them.
We must tell the world that Baseball’s Hall of Fame is filled with ballplayers who took a simple game and with hard work and great skill made the game something extraordinary.

Vote for Biggio


I’m reposting, tomorrow we will know the results. VOTE BIGGIO

Miss Baseball


The list for the Hall of Fame is out. This list is a veritable who’s who of baseball from the ’90s. Two of the “Killer B’s” are on the list, and the scuttlebutt is that Craig Biggio will not have enough votes to make it this year, after falling short last year. I am so mad right now, I am wearing my Astros hat. Why are we having this conversation? Why is it not just a given? So let me refresh the BBWAA minds of who Craig Biggio is. I could say something simple: 3,000 hits. That should be enough to get someone who hasn’t cheated into the Hall of Fame, But apparently, the BBWAA needs more, so let’s look at something I hold near and dear to my heart. He stayed with one team his whole career. 291 home runs, an All-Star and in the ’90s, a force to…

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Fun Fact Friday: HOF ballot


This year’s Hall of Fame ballot has some of the best names in baseball. I thought for fun today I would share not only the ballot but my choices of who should go into the hall. My choices are in bold. You can only pick 10. Tell me your choices.
To see the stats of the inductees check out:

1. Craig Biggio
2 . Mike Piazza
3 . Jeff Bagwell
4 . Tim Raines
5. Roger Clemens
6 . Barry Bonds
7. Lee Smith
8 . Curt Schilling
9 . Edgar Martinez
10. Alan Trammell
11 . Mike Mussina
12 . Jeff Kent
13 . Fred McGriff
14. Mark McGwire
15. Larry Walker
16 . Don Mattingly
17. Sammy Sosa
18 . Randy Johnson
19. Pedro Martinez
20. John Smoltz
21. Gary Sheffield
22 . Brian Giles
23. Nomar Garciaparra
24 . Carlos Delgado
25. Darin Erstad
26. Tom Gordon
27 . Jason Schmidt
28 . Cliff Floyd
29. Jermaine Dye
30 . Rich Aurilia
31. Troy Percival
32. Aaron Boone
33 . Tony Clark
34. Eddie Guardado