Football is over, time for BASEBALL


A little more than two weeks and spring training officially begin with pitchers and catchers reporting. I’m ready to see what is going to happen and a little preview for next week. I’m going to make my predictions. I just bought my 2015 Baseball Prospectus: The Essential Guide to the 2015 Season. Last year I was miffed at them saying Jayson Nix wasn’t suited to be a starter. I beg your pardon BP (Baseball Prospectus) any team could use a good solid infielder. You want a big bat then go buy one but you also need someone who can handle the infield and Nix is it. No, I’m not letting my fandom cloud my judgement. There are three parts of the game. Hitting, Pitching and Fielding. In the AL we buy a big bat and make him the DH. This gives some leeway to having someone whose not a power hitter but can help on the field. I think fans forget this sometimes. A good fielder will prevent more runs than a good hitter can create. So tonight I’m going to read my new guide and ill try to not get miffed when they say something I don’t agree.


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