Pitchers & Catchers reporting is not a SCAM


Normally Miss Baseball is a calm positive person. Not today! I was upset by a previous Sporting News article, that I talk about on my blog


The author of that article didn’t understand why Ranger fans are still mad at Josh Hamilton. Sorry Josh, we are a Baseball Town.

But Now, Jesse Spector gives us more contrived dribble saying that when pitchers and catchers report is not real baseball, and we as fans should not be excited about it.  Even to be as bold to say that it is a scam.

Seriously Sporting News you are a legit publication right?


Well let Miss Baseball explain to you what Spring Training is.

Many ballplayers coming back haven’t played “baseball” since  September.I would hope that they don’t just start throwing 99 mph fastballs. I hope they start off slowly. Get back into the groove of playing everyday.

Gabe Kapler discussed this during the Winter Development program.


To Quote Kap; “I think in the past, guys have had opportunity to display their athletic prowess,” Kapler said in a conference call with reporters today. “We have leaned against that this year, in favor of creating a more mentally inviting environment. We wanted our players to stay on their offseason programs … and not ramp up in the middle of winter to impress physically. Rather, we wanted them to be open-minded and flexible and nimble of thought.”

What Kapler is saying here that a ramp up of physical activity is not good.

Pitchers and Catchers need to build up the strength and stamina for the season. You do this SLOWLY and I am OK with that. As a fan I want to see all pitchers and catchers prepared completely.

Mr. Spector is right about one thing, Pitchers and Catchers reporting is not completely baseball.

Baseball is a steakhouse dinner, When you go to the steakhouse, You want a big ( and in my case medium rare) steak. You start off with a shrimp cocktail. No its not the steak dinner I came for, but if you try to take my shrimp cocktail away I will stab your hand with a fork.

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