Cubs Fans


After a day of shopping, I was hungry and went into a hot dog shop. This was not any ordinary hot dog shop. It’s a Chicago hot dog shop. Wrigley and baseball stuff all around, a tack board to place a picture of your Wrigley field experience.   The owner is a huge Cubs fan, and I get a chance to try a real Chicago dog in Texas. It even had the neon green relish. While I chopped down on my beefy delight the owner talked Cubs baseball. He’s super excited for the season and he’s prediction the Cubs are going to take the pennant. Not for the reason I think they are going to take the pennant. No his prediction comes straight from Hollywood. In the 2nd Back to the Future movie, the star goes to the year 2015, and the Cubs take the pennant. I admit the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Where is the metrics on movie predictions?

But back to Chicago Cubs Fans, they’re everywhere. Whether in a hot dog shop in San Antonio or in the outfield in Minute Maid Park. In 2004, I went on vacation to Houston, to see some NL action. As the stands fill with white jersey with blue pinstripe. I realized that the Cubs Fans were out. I stood up and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo I was supposed to wear my Cubs gear” this got some laughs and the guy next to me forgave me and talked baseball throughout the game. The Cubs Fans were LOUD and rowdy. I was still cheering for the Astros, and it was the Astros home field but right then and there I was in Chicago.

I love the fandom. No matter where you go there is a Cubs fan not too far away. At my favorite bar one of my favorite people to talk to is a Cubs fan. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday sounds like a good time to get a real Chicago dog.

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