Miss Baseball Predictions part 2 NL


American League
East.                          Central.                   West
Orioles.                      Royals.                   Angels
Red Sox.                    Tigers.                    Rangers
Blue Jays.                  Indians.                  Mariners
Yankees.                    White Sox.              Astros
Rays.                          Twins.                     A’s
Wild card: Rangers
ALDS: Royals
                            National League
East.                          Central.                    West
Nationals.                 Cubs.                       Dodgers
Marlins.                    Cardinals.                 Padres
Braves.                      Reds.                        Giants
Phillies.                      Brewers.                   D-Backs
Mets.                          Pirates.                     Rockies
Wild Card: Padres
NLDS: Cubs

I know I’m getting on the Cubs bandwagon but, I really like what is happening with the team. Are they too young? What is wrong with young?  The Royals team last year was young. And who struck out everyone in the World Series? The 25 yr old Bumgarner. Youth has a place in baseball. Lester is going to be a lightning rod. Just stand back and enjoy the show.

Nationals: Max Scherzer  and the Nats dream rotation. A solid manager Matt Williams, will be able to bring the team up to where it needs to be.

Dodgers: More is more. The Dodgers put the money where they needed. Bringing in new pitchers and infielders. This is a solid team that will dominate the league as well as their division.

Padres: I don’t know what to say about the Padres. All the trading that happened in the off-season, what was that? I see some very interesting baseball. I see them getting a wild card but I think they will need next year to have  solid playoff contention.

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