Fun fact Friday: New MLB rules for 2015


Baseball is a game of tradition. Like anything in life changes happen. MLB and MLBPA have agreed to some new rules for this year. this from FOX sports

1. Managers will be required to request instant replay challenges from the dugout. The delays resulting from managers gabbing on the field while coaches and video coordinators decided whether a play was worthy of replay will be eliminated.

2. Batters will be required to keep one foot in the batter’s box between pitches, unless a special exemption is granted. When this rule was established in 2014 in the Arizona Fall League, foul balls, foul tips, wild pitches, and umpires calling time could not be used as an excuse for stepping out.

3. No delays after coming back from TV commercials.

4. Timed pitching changes; violations will incur fines.

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