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Fandom is blind


My Twitter pals asks “Anyone want to play fantasy baseball? Let me know.”
For me the answer is no. I am a fan of the game. I’m a fan of my Texas Rangers and I’m a Jayson Nix Super Fan. To be successful in fantasy baseball, you must remain objective. I don’t have that when it comes to my fandom. I would choose my favorite players.
My fantasy lineup would be
SS Jayson Nix (come on you knew that was coming)
3rd David Wright
C Salvador Perez
RF Shin-Soo Choo
LF Alex Gordon
1st Eric Hosmer
2nd Jose Altuve
CF Andrew McCutchen
Derek Holland
Brandon McCarthy
Brett Anderson
Darren O’Day
Corey Kluber
Zack Greinke

At Big League Weekend, I screamed that Martin was safe when he was out by a mile. I still remember the look that Elvis gave me while standing in the on deck circle. his look said “girl he’s out” Elvis, I know he’s out but with my fandom, I always think my guys are safe. My pitchers only throw strikes and my hitters never went around.

Now don’t worry if you think this blog is going to be a mushy mess of fandom, because believe you and me, I have some opinions on what all the teams need to do to get better. Jayson Nix does this thing when he goes up to bat that drives me up the wall. I think it screws with his timing.
This is why I write about all of baseball. I can write what I think about the other teams and players. For my Texas Rangers and Jayson Nix I will TRY to keep my fandom in check.

MRA is not MRI


As I wait to see if Jayson Nix has made the Baltimore Orioles. I’ve been reading a lot about JJ Hardy and his injury. I kept seeing MRA and looked it up.
From the mayo clinic:

Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)  The MRA scan is a special kind of diagnostic procedure. It uses magnets and computers to create images or “pictures” of the blood vessels in certain areas of the body. 
While similar to an MRI it is not the same.

Through this test they have been able to determine that Hardy has subscapularis strain. Minimum 10 days no baseball activities. I got that from Roch Kubatko at MASN.

So it looks like the O’s might need Jayson. I will keep waiting to see if I’m going to be the biggest O’s fan…

TBT Ranger Stuff!



So as you may know, I am a avid follower of Kap Lifestyle Gabe Kapler’s blog about health and fitness. In a resent post, he discussed the benefits of getting rid of clutter. Check it out here:

well I decided to clean out all my clutter which was surprisingly easy and mostly paper. I dug around my closet and found this box, and it was full of my baseball stuff. It was like a time capsule of all the baseball stuff I had collected. Thanks Gabe Kapler, if I hadn’t uncluttered I would have never found all these wonderful things.

The items include. a signed banner, a program from a regular game in 2001 and a program from the 1999 division series. and the 2001 year book. a signed Kapler baseball, (its faded its 13 yrs old) dirt from the warning track from The Ballpark in Arlington. a team photo of the 1992 Rangers. We are going to go over all this stuff later but today here are some pictures from  the 2001 yearbook





What a wonderful discovery to find another signed item of Frank Catalanotto. I didn’t remember either my signed Kapler ball, I don’t know if it can been seen on film but its there just really faded and even though it wasn’t exposed to light it still fades away. so tip use a Sharpie. Today was like finding money, it was wonderful to remember when I got the book and when I saw these guys play ball.

Big League Weekend Big League Joke



An Open Letter to Reese Ryan and Ryan/Sanders Baseball

Let me first say Thank you to the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers for coming to San Antonio and playing some baseball. It was a wonderful to see real major league players. Also I would like to thank Yasiel Puig for trying to get Jimmy Rollins and Howie Kendrick to come out to San Antonio. As wonderful as it was to see baseball in San Antonio there were some definite problems that need to be addressed.

Dear Mr Ryan,

Lets start off with the name Big League Weekend. The name gave me images of Derek Holland on the mound  and Mitch Moreland on 1st. This being Spring Training I figured at the 7th inning the prospects like Joey Gallo would take over. Image my disappointment as I saw a twitter post with the travel roster.

No Holland No Moreland and even though they played minor league ball here, No Beltre and No Choo.

I saved my money to get a single front row seat I was right by the on deck circle. The seats were awesome! If I am going to pay $129 for a front row seat I want to see some Big League Names

As a Ranger fan and someone who is also quite knowledgeable on MLB let me tell you this was not a fair fight. The Rangers brought mostly a prospect showcase and the Dodgers brought the DODGERS!

Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez , Yasiel Puig and with his new hair style The Crowned Prince of Pitching: Zack Greinke.

If you want to have a prospect showcase, I would go to that with ticket prices cut in half of course. But this was supposed to be Big League Weekend.

Now there is baseball in San Antonio, the San Diego Padres Double A affiliate the San Antonio Missions so I am used to their prices on concessions and souvenirs.

I was NOT going to pay $30 for a shirt that says Big League Weekend. I DID pay $15 for a plain hot dog, a large soda and a bag of peanuts.

I showed up at the game a 9am, 1 hour before the doors opened. I would later find out that the first 5000 people got a cute baseball backpack but there was no one handing out things at my gate and I had to go searching for a program as no one was handing out programs at my gate as well. As a former promotions person for a Big League team I was disappointed. This was supposed to be a Big League event.

As the doors were opening, it was starting to rain I was asked to empty my pockets so my electronics were exposed to the rain and I passed security and as I enter in the Alamodome, trying to put my things back an usher says to me “Ma’am you need to get one.”  then he pointed at the umbrella bags and he did not get a bag for me and just watched me struggle to try to get the bag off the rack with wet hands.

I made it inside it is 10 a.m,and the game is at 1pm. I watched earlier in the week Mr Reese Ryan, state how there was going to be batting practice and that the fans were going to experience things like at the ball park. But there was no batting practice and by the time I made it to my seat I realized that the Sports Collectibles Show was too far away and to get Ruben Sierra autograph would cost $20. I decided that I would not make the trek up there because I wanted to meet my Rangers, but very few autographs were given from the Rangers and almost none from the Dodgers. A young Puig fan waited right near home plate for his hero to come and he never did.

I am going to make a call. It is most likely that the Big League Weekend people will ignore this review or I will get a canned statement something to the effect “Thank you for your thoughts. We are always looking to improve our event and take your concerns seriously.”

In all seriousness I want to take a meeting with you Mr. Ryan, I think with better planning and execution this could be a phenomenal event

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you.


Miss Baseball

PS: Some pictures from my seat

Ticket to Saturday’s game


I just can’t wait to see the Rangers and Dodgers split squad. I can’t wait to get Ruben Sierra’s autograph. I’m going to boo the bench coach. Don’t worry it’s Steve Buechele, he likes boos. Plus I can’t wait to sit in my seat. I saved and I bought a first row ticket. I got my glove. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. I can’t wait.


TBT: Steve Buechele


I always have a smile when I see Steve Buechele. I was a Miss Baseball before I was”Miss Baseball”. So I am at the ball game about 1990 and I was about 12 and Steve comes up to bat. The Stadium has an uproar of BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I was one of the loudest. There were two older ladies and they looked very confused.

“Why are they booing that young man at the plate?” they ask

I who has a known case of Answeritis: if I know the answer I am going to tell you. Its a chronic condition, I still have it but I keep it managed.

Back then I had no problem telling anyone who would listen about baseball and Ranger baseball was my favorite subject. I gave the ladies a quick lesson in Ranger Fandom.

“His name is Steve “Boo”schele. so when he comes up to plate you have to boo him.”

The ladies look at each other, “Well we didn’t know that thank you for telling us.”

My work was done.

Ten years later I got a chance to hear him speak and when he came to the mic, we booed him. A huge smile came across his face and he said.

“it feels good to be booed again.”

Jayson Nix Cap Auction



So I see this on Twitter from the O’s

at the time, there was NO Jayson Nix cap on the auction block!. I quickly went to Twitter and requested my favorite player’s hat.

The response was wonderful

I was so excited. I went to bid. I admit I went a little crazy

ok a lot crazy, but I now know I am NOT the only Jayson Nix fan. The hat shot up in price last night to the tune of $196. I am disappointed that I will not be getting the hat but I am happy to see Nix fans come out.

So if you want a chance at a Jayson Nix Cap, by the way game worn and autographed then go to:

Off the DL, back to regular activities


Last week, I finished my last physical therapy session, but I didn’t want to say anything until my doctor saw me. It’s official. I’m all better. My knee is fully functional. I can do my yoga, or hit the batting cages which I’m so excited to get back to.

I called this segment “On the DL” because as I had this experience, I wanted to think about what a ballplayer would go through and let me tell you, this is hell on earth. To go from a fully functional independent person, to not being able to walk or move very well. It changed my whole life and my perspective. There was the bad, the pain and not being able to do the things I needed to do. Then there was the good, time to focus on getting better, staying positive.

Now I feel like whatever comes my way I can handle it. It felt really good to walk into the doctor’s office with my head held high. It felt even better knowing I don’t have to go back.

So to all the ballplayers on the DL: Stay positive. Do what your therapists tell you to do. You got this, I believe in you.

Fun Fact Friday: Big League Weekend


Major League Baseball is coming to San Antonio. The Texas Rangers Vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers. Two days of exhibition games.  And guess who is going to Saturday’s game. ( hint you are reading her blog) That’s right!  ME! 


So for Fun Fact Friday some facts on this year’s Big League Weekend:
When March 20 @7 PM and March 21 @1 PM which is when I’m going.
Where: The Alamodome
What else is going to be there?: On Friday Jeff Kent will sign autographs and on Saturday Ranger Great: Ruben Sierra will be signing as well.
I don’t know how I am supposed to wait. I just can’t. I got my tickets!  There are still tickets available check out: