Injuries are a part of Baseball


A huge sound of anguish came out of my mouth when Yu Darvish MRI results came back. Then there is the defeated feeling. We just got him back. Now he’s gone again. Oh it’s so sad.

I being on Twitter seeing Ranger fans cry foul( I paraphrase):
How could Darvish have a clean MRI and now be injured? Did trainers miss something?
The Rangers hid something from us!
There were so many I felt sorry for Evan Grant who all of this was on his Twitter feed.

As I’m recovering from knee surgery, I have first hand knowledge of how recovering is a long road, it’s even worse for a professional baseball player. I personally finished my physical therapy, so now I’m at 0. Before my injury I was doing yoga and walking and I was about to start a huge fitness regimen. Now I have to start slow so I don’t hurt myself again. I have time to build myself up.

A professional baseball player doesn’t have that luxury. When they get back to zero they have to work on getting back to a professional level. All while trying to juggle not hurting the injured part or hurting another part of their body. It’s a dicey game of chance. Yu Darvish  worked very hard to come back. Sometimes you can do everything right and you can get hurt. There is no conspiracy it’s life, injures happen.

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