TBT: Steve Buechele


I always have a smile when I see Steve Buechele. I was a Miss Baseball before I was”Miss Baseball”. So I am at the ball game about 1990 and I was about 12 and Steve comes up to bat. The Stadium has an uproar of BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I was one of the loudest. There were two older ladies and they looked very confused.

“Why are they booing that young man at the plate?” they ask

I who has a known case of Answeritis: if I know the answer I am going to tell you. Its a chronic condition, I still have it but I keep it managed.

Back then I had no problem telling anyone who would listen about baseball and Ranger baseball was my favorite subject. I gave the ladies a quick lesson in Ranger Fandom.

“His name is Steve “Boo”schele. so when he comes up to plate you have to boo him.”

The ladies look at each other, “Well we didn’t know that thank you for telling us.”

My work was done.

Ten years later I got a chance to hear him speak and when he came to the mic, we booed him. A huge smile came across his face and he said.

“it feels good to be booed again.”

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