Miss Baseball’s Top Concerns for the season


Well, that was some opening day. Am I right? I loved all the games I did get to catch. I being a Ranger fan am glad I missed last night’s game. No one likes to see their team get shutout.  So after all this baseball watching I have a few concerns.

Jon Lester and the No Pick Off Move.

Now, don’t get me wrong Lester is a great pitcher but according to ESPN broadcast. Lester has not really had a pick off move since 2011. Come on Jon, you are in the NL now where small ball is king. The base runners are going to figure out that they can run on you. Oh and if you’re on base and Lester is on the mound. RUN!

New York Yankees Infield:

I watched the infield yesterday make what I would call careless errors. One might argue with me that its just one game. True. but I hold the New York Yankees to the highest of baseball standards and they were not in the infield yesterday for sure.

No l’m Not in Love with San Diego Padres.

I have been watching the baseball news and reading baseball stories about all the trades the San Diego Padres have done. I need more proof that all these moves are going to work. People are calling general manager A.J. Preller a genius He is only a genius if it works, and the fact that he was trained by Jon Daniels scares me.

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