Technology vs Tradition



Well last night Statcast made its debut. I am torn. As a baseball fan, I love the classics. I love it when a guys wear his pants up to his knees, choke up on the bat and use the classic batting stance. I love old school stats too. The Traditional values of baseball.


Then there is a new part that is emerging.  Technology, Statcast shows us  how fast a player is  traveling, how fast did it take the ball to leave the park. what was its trajectory? While interesting, do I want to see this every game? I don’t know.



This reminds me of the time when  my eyes were awaken during the playoffs and World Series by one Mr. Gabe Kapler. I had heard a little bit about sabermetrics but against my old school values I pushed them aside. Then Kap starts talking and I was enthralled, never before to me had metrics been done in a way where it was fun and understandable. I wondered how could you take a stat and create something. For example when it comes to a two seam fastball who hits it and who doesn’t that is a normal stat. A metrics stat is who hits that two seam fast ball the same. Blew my mind.

I am going to make a new post on Monday where I am calling it Metrics Monday and I am going to learn metrics and if I am lucky maybe Kap will give me some pointers.

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