Welcome Back Josh Hamilton


Well it will be announced soon, and there has been a Josh Hamilton sighting at the ballpark. So let me be the first to say Welcome Back Josh Hamilton. You are now a Ranger and because of that you have now earned me fandom. You need to take care of it. For my fandom is awesome. It comes with love and hope and the never ending belief that you will do great things. My opinions didn’t die. But, I do not boo my players. I cheer in hope to uplift you. You are not the first player to come to loving arms of Texas, there have been quite a few player that Texas was the place they need to clear their reputation.  This is where you belong. you bring the talent but we the fans are what makes you the star. It is our love, our hope, our cheers that will raise you up. We only want good things for you.  Give us the love and respect that we have earned that we have proven to deserve. While I wish this was under better circumstances, You are now on my team and as a fan we must embrace our team.  Go Rangers! GO HAMILTON!!!!!

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