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Fun Fact Friday: Jersey Day



Today is jersey Day at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Those wearing a jersey to the game get to be a part of walking on the field. I am wearing my Kapler jersey. Today for Fun Fact Friday I thought I would show you the history of the jersey.

There is a wonderful online exhibit from the National Baseball Hall of Fame:


Here are a few highlights:

Pete Browning of the American Association Louisville Colonels, c. 1887


Running the Bases Wearing Laces

The late 1870s saw the introduction of the laced-front jersey. Styles varied, with some shirts featuring lacing that ran the entire length of the shirt, while others had lacing for just the top portion of the jersey. Laced-front jerseys remained popular through the 1890s, but by 1901 only two of 16 major league clubs were wearing the style. Ten years later, laces on shirts had disappeared altogether.

Members of the American Association Cincinnati Red Stockings in “clown costumes,” 1882

At left: Pete Browning of the American Association Louisville Colonels, c. 1887

Clown Costumes

Perhaps the boldest experiment with the baseball uniform came in 1882, when the rules of the game called for multi-colored uniforms designed to denote each player’s position. When the members of a ballclub took the field, no two men were wearing the same uniform. Shortstops, for example, were required to wear maroon shirts and caps, while first basemen dressed like candy canes in scarlet-and-white-striped caps and jerseys. Regardless of position, the 1882 rules stipulated that each player wear white pants, a white belt and a white tie. The only way the fans could tell which club was which was by looking at the players’ stockings, as each club wore uniquely colored socks. The rulebook called for Buffalo to wear gray stockings, while Cleveland donned navy blue hose. Not surprisingly, Chicago wore white stockings and Boston dressed in red socks. No doubt the wild color schemes caused mass confusion on the field and in the stands, and so the experimental uniforms, derisively called “clown costumes,” were abandoned in mid-season.

Chicago Cubs outfielder Bill Nicholson, 1940

Dressed in a Vest

In 1940, the Chicago Cubs unveiled a bold new look in baseball uniforms: a lightweight flannel vest worn over a knitted undershirt. The vest, designed by club president Philip K. Wrigley, allowed for greater freedom of motion for players’ arms and shoulders. Though the Cubs abandoned the innovation just three seasons later, the style has enjoyed a number of revivals over the years. Today, multiple clubs wear sleeveless jerseys, either as part of their primary or alternate home uniform.

Hamilton Homecoming: A Time to Cheer


Hamilton stayed over an hour to sign autographs after a game

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well these speak volumes of a changed man. I am a very loyal fan of the Texas Rangers and I admit I had my doubts but Josh has surprised me.  I am a firm believer in actions speak louder than words. In the first two photos Josh is signing autographs but when I saw that he stayed for an hour to sign more autographs that showed me he does care about the fans.

The video: well I think if there is any doubt that he is not all here it has been put to rest by a Rusty Greer like grab.

Tonight Josh comes home and I will be cheering and I hope you will be too. Go Rangers!

Can you guess what is wrong with this picture?



On Sunday afternoon, I open up my local paper to find an AP(Associated Press) story on the Texas Rangers beating the New York Yankees 15 to 4. The Rangers would later sweep the Yankees. (Woo Hoo! Who said that ? oh yeah its me!! GO RANGERS!!!!) The caption is so WRONG! I mean its so wrong I can’t not even comprehended how someone could make such a gross oversight. Here is the Miss Baseball correction.

In the picture from left to right: Delino DeShields, Jake Smolinski (not Elvis, they don’t even look close to alike) and Shin-Soo Choo.

Here is the player profile on Jake. Let’s get it right next time AP.’R’§ionType=career&statType=1&season=2015&level=’MLB’


Rob Neyer answered my question


It was really awesome today to open up the link:

and see my name (correctly spelled too I might add) as one of the questions answered for your amusement my part of the JABO mailbag

Do you think the Marlins have set up Dan Jennings to fail?

– Hollie Hamilton

You mean on purpose? No, I don’€™t think so. I think this is one of those utterly personal decisions that so often defies any sort of logical analysis. Did it make sense for the Angels to sign Josh Hamilton for all those years and all that money? No, of course not. The Angels’€™ owner made what sure looks like an emotional decision. Does it make sense for the Angels to pay Hamilton to play for the Rangers for these next few seasons? No, probably not. The Angels’€™ owner made what sure looks like an emotional decision.

I think the Marlins’€™ owner wanted a new manager and wanted someone he really liked a lot, personally. And he looked around and hey, there’€™s Dan! But there’€™s not much reason to think Jennings will be there a year from now, and I’€™ll be mildly surprised if he’€™s still there in September. Seems like a good interim job for a minor-league manager or a trusty third-base coach.


Fire the Manager, now what?



The Miami Marlins have hired a new manager, a manger with no professional baseball experience, no manger experience. Now he is going to take on a team who needs help with management. Confused? I know I am.

Miss Baseball is no stranger to mangers getting fired it happens. Some of the greatest mangers were fired.  In recent news it has surprised me how quickly a manager is being fired. It is just barely mid May and we have lost two managers. Owner and the front office think the problem is the mangers.

Mangers have often been the scapegoat of the team. We can’t blame the big bat we paid a small country GDP on, or the All-Star pitcher we traded our top 5 prospects no it has to be the manager.

Owners have forgotten what it take to have a successful baseball team. Here are the three things you need as a team to create a solid foundation for a winning season.

Build a cohesive team. When everyone has a position it build confidence. I think two examples of this is the Kansas City Royals and the LA Dodgers.

Create a well stocked farm system. Players are going to get hurt. It is a fact. Who you sign might not be there in September, you have to be prepared. Also if there is a position that is lacking a call up might get the chance to make your team shine.

Hire a good manager. Noticed I didn’t say experience.  While experience helps it is not a requirement. I have to say I feel sorry for Dan Jennings, he has been set up to fail.

Fun Fact Friday: Adrian Vs Adrian who will get to their record first.


Miss Baseball loves milestones,  and thanks to to milestone tracker’B’&status=’P’&sport_code=’mlb’&season=2015&org_type=’S’&sort_order=’asc’

We can now track our favorite player or teams in various stats. Today I choose to have two very talented Adrians go head to head to see who would get to their milestone sooner. Will Adrian Gonzalez get his 1000 RBI before  Adrian Beltre gets his 400 home run?  I completely disagree with the projected date on both of these . I think will be tonight or tomorrow, that we see these guys hit their milestone. Good Luck Adrians.

Player Team Stat Value Milestone Comments Projected Date Venue
Gonzalez, A LAD RBI 998 1000 05/17/2015 Dodger Stadium


Player Team Stat Value Milestone Comments Projected Date Venue
Beltre, A TEX HR 399 400 05/24/2015 Yankee Stadium


Can you guess who is in the picture?



Well for throw back Thursday I thought I would play a game. This is the Championship poster of the minor league double A team for the Houston Astros affiliate the Corpus Christi Hooks. Do you know who is on the top row? I highlighted him for you here.

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Which game to win?


Miss baseball is tired, Allergies have me a little sick but mostly I am tired because I have been staying up way past my bedtime to watch some baseball. I watched the Royals and the Tigers go at it till wee hours of Monday morning, and when 5am hit to start getting the kids ready for school well lets just say that hurt. Enough about me. Last night as I watched the Red Sox beat the A’s and it got me thinking Which game is more important to win?

Last night the Royals lost to the Texas Rangers, (Go Rangers!) and while the Rangers are making a much needed comeback I am sorry the Royals were exhausted from the long game the night before. I knew the Royals were going to lose the game but the Tiger game was more important. Why? Well real baseball people know why, but Miss Baseball always wants to bring everyone into the fold. Lets talk about standings.

Major League Baseball has 30 teams and they are divided into two leagues the American League and the National League.  Each of those leagues are divided up into divisions. Here is a pretty picture to help you out.



Standing are important because if you are in the first on the standings you go to the playoffs. To answer the original question which game to win. You always will pick the team in your division.  While no on likes losing it was more important for the Royals to beat the Tigers because they are in the same division. This means they would be one whole game down in the standings and because they are on top and the Tigers are number two then the Tigers would lead the division. The Rangers are not in the same division so they would only lose .5 of a game, which is why on the chart you see the .5.

So a little sample math,( now I should put that if no other teams were playing because all the other teams  playing do change standings)

The Royals play three games with the Tigers and the Rangers

The Royals have a great series and win

They would stay at  first and the tigers would be 4 GB

Tigers:  GB:1+3 losses = GB: 4

If they did the same for the Rangers they would only add 1.5


If you are going to go all out do it for someone in your division.






Fun Fact Friday: Dodgers

IMG_20150508_075102_kindlephoto-25741065 IMG_20150508_074952_kindlephoto-25833169

I went to Big League Weekend in March. I wanted to see my Texas Rangers. Something funny happened that day. I kinda became a Dodger fan. OK I like the Dodgers. Its was fun to see Joc Pederson before he was Joc Pederson. If you look at the program, Grandal doesn't have a jersey number. Flash forward to yesterday and he had 8 RBIs and 2 3-Run Home Runs. So today I would show you my program and Box Score of the game.  Oh Grandal's number is 9.


 LA DODGERS       AB  R  H BI  TEXAS            AB  R  H BI
 Hernández ss      4  2  1  1  Martín cf         1  0  0  0 
 Samson ss         1  1  1  0  DeShields ph-cf   2  0  0  0 
 Turner 3b         3  1  2  2  Andrus ss         2  0  0  0 
 Britton 3b        3  1  1  3  Lucas ss          2  0  0  0 
 Puig rf           2  0  0  0  Ludwick dh        2  0  0  0 
 Hazelbaker rf     2  0  1  0  Peguero ph-dh     2  0  0  0 
 González 1b       3  2  2  2  Gallo 3b          2  0  0  0 
 Carson lf         2  0  0  0  G Rodriguez 3b    2  0  1  0 
 Grandal c         4  0  1  0  Hoying rf         2  0  1  0 
 Buchter p         0  0  0  0  Brinson rf        2  1  1  0 
 R Troncoso p      0  0  0  0  Smolinski lf      2  0  1  0 
 Zarraga ph        1  1  1  0  Strausborger lf   1  0  0  0 
 Ravin p           0  0  0  0  Odor 2b           2  0  0  0 
 Guerrero lf       3  0  0  0  Spivey 2b         1  0  0  0 
 Nicasio p         0  0  0  0  Rosales 1b        2  0  1  0 
 Ogle ph-c         2  0  1  0  Adams 1b          1  1  1  0 
 Pederson cf       2  1  1  0  Gimenez c         2  0  0  0 
 Witherspoon cf    2  1  1  0  Lyon c            1  1  1  3 
 Barney 2b         3  0  2  0  
 Sweeney pr-2b     2  1  1  1  
 Greinke p         2  0  0  0  
 Jensen 1b         2  0  1  1  
 TOTALS           43 11 17 10  TOTALS           31  3  7  3

 LA DODGERS                103 011 041 -- 11
 TEXAS                     000 000 030 --  3

 E--Andrus. DP--LA DODGERS 1, TEXAS 2. LOB--LA 
 DODGERS 9, TEXAS 2. 2B--Samson. HR--Lyon 1 (1) 
 (off R Troncoso), González 2 (2) (off Bonilla, 
 Ranaudo), Hernández 1 (2) (off Ranaudo), Turner 1 
 (2) (off Ranaudo), Britton 1 (1) (off Bonilla). 
 SB--Pederson 1 (2). CS--Hoying, Martín.
                                   IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
 Greinke (W,1-0)                    4   3   0   0   1   6   0
 Nicasio                            2   0   0   0   0   4   0
 Buchter                            1   0   0   0   0   2   0
 R Troncoso                         1   3   3   3   0   0   1
 Ravin                              1   1   0   0   0   3   0
 Ranaudo (L,0-1)                    4   6   4   3   2   2   3
 Bonilla                            4   8   6   6   1   7   2
 D. Martínez                      2-3   3   1   1   1   0   0
 Slack                            1-3   0   0   0   0   0   0

 WP--Bonilla 2. SO--LAD: Grandal 3, Carson 2, 
 Guerrero, Jensen, Ogle, Greinke. TEX: Ludwick 2, 
 Odor 2, Lucas 2, Brinson, Martín, Peguero, Hoying,
 Gallo, Andrus, Gimenez, G Rodriguez, Smolinski. 
 BB--LAD: Samson, Puig, Pederson, Jensen. TEX: 
 Martín. T--3:03. A--25,434.