Metric Monday: BRR it’s cold.



Why did I wait so long to understand this stuff. I feel like i am entering into college at 50.

I am looking at stats and these new stats pop up at me. TaV, BABIP, BRR, FRAA and WARP. What does it all mean? Well I thought  I would look over Prince Fielder and learn what all these stats mean.


What is

TaV:True Average what a player does at the plate. Hitting, walks, strike outs. what makes this a true average is it takes in how the player is used and where.

.300 is exceptional  .260 is average and .200 is poor

BRR no its not cold in here This is Baserunning Runs The player’s ability to steal and advance bases.  ( like how likely they will go from 1st to 3rd on a single)

5-12 is Excellent  0-4 is Good 0 is average -4 through -9 is poor and anything above -9 is very bad.

BABIP: Batting Average on Balls in Play and there is a fun equation to go with it. BABIP = (H – HR) / (AB – K – HR + SF + SH)

FRAA: Fielding Runs above Avg, While reading up on the history of metrics they were not always standard. So Baseball Prospectus has their own stat here. Here is their explanation:

” The biggest difference between Fielding Runs Above Average and similar defensive metrics comes in the data and philosophy used. Whereas other metrics use zone-based fielding data, Fielding Runs Above Average ignores that data due to the numerous biases present. Fielding Runs Above Average instead focuses on play-by-play data, taking a step back and focusing on the number of plays made compared to the average number of plays made by a player at said position. The pitcher’s groundball tendencies, batter handedness, park, and base-out state all go into figuring out how many plays an average player at a position would make.”

WARP: this one you may have seen as WAR but its Wins Above Replacement Player

This takes all the stats and also accounts for position played and this shows how this particular player is better than the replacement.

Here from the Baseball Prospectus website:

Here is an example of the Wins Above Replacement Player spectrum based on the 2011 season:

Excellent – Jose Bautista 10.3
Great – Hunter Pence 5.2
Average -Gaby Sanchez 2.0
Poor – Adam Lind 0.5
Horrendous – Adam Dunn -1.7

I go to my trusty Baseball Prospectus 2015 , turn to page 401 for the then,  I go to the BP website for the now.

Prince Fielder

Then                                                                                                     Now

TAv: .311 (Exceptional)                                                                 3.09

BABIP:.297 ( Average)                                                                    3.76

BRR: -.2.1 (Poor)                                                                             -3.2

FRAA:-1.8                                                                                           -0.3

WARP: 1.3 (below Average)                                                         1.9

I am seeing improvement, Prince is playing DH more than 1st right now. He has got some moves like on Sunday’s game he came all the way from 1st to home on the Josh Hamilton double.  Great to see after being injured. I love the Ranger comeback.

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