Mangers being tossed, a wonderful part of the game



I grew up in the time of Lou Piniella, seeing him unload on a crew of umpires was legendary. When you play the game with passion tempers are going to flare. This may sound funny to say but there is something almost noble about a manager arguing with an umpire. When something is not right your team need to know that the manager has their backs. Last night Lloyd McClendon meltdown was one for the books

In the top of the 3rd in last nights Yankees vs Mariners game. Alex Rodriguez checked his swing or so says the 1st base umpire on appeal. This enrages the catcher for the Mariners Mike Zunino, who is tossed, then McClendon comes out to defend his team, and it is not just to yell at one ump he goes for all three umpires. McClendon is  kicking hats and dirt along the way to each ump to give them a piece of his mind. He leaves the field to a standing ovation.

This is not the first time event for McClendon. in 2001 as a rookie manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates, well let the video speak for itself

And now a little bit of history on managers being tossed. Check out this video



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