MLB trade talk: Is Cole Hamels coming to the Texas Rangers?




July 31 is the trade deadline and rumors are running rapid. Miss Baseball had to answer some Texas Ranger fans’ queries about whether Cole Hamels was really in talks with the team. The story popped up and then faded away. This showed me there was no real talk about it.

Then there was this article from Fox: Cole Hamels open to all trades.  To quote Hamels:

“I have not been approached,” Hamels said about accepting a potential trade, via CSN Philly. “When I’m approached, then I can make a decision and provide an answer about a team. But I’m open-minded on everybody and everything.”

Reports were that he turned down trades to the Toronto Blue Jays and the Houston Astros. Rumors were that he had waived his no-trade clause for the New York Yankees and the Rangers, but according to Hamels, that was just scuttlebutt.

What can Cole Hamels bring to a new team?

2015 Stats 5 6 3.26 15 15 0 99.1 106 1.17
MLB Career Stats 113 89 3.27 290 289 0 1900.2 1813 1.14

The Yankees and Blue Jays could sure use his help. He could also solidify a surprisingly good Astros team.

We will have to wait to see if the Rangers throw their hat into the ring, so to say, but Miss Baseball has been very impressed with the Rangers thus far, and some of our regular pitchers are coming back from injury. So I don’t see a Ranger need for a pitcher. Sorry, no Cole Hamels, as of right now.


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