MLB ALL-STAR Voting: Get your votes in NOW!


All Star Game will be soon be upon us and if you are complaining about how the voting process is well you need to read my article MLB All Star Game: Vote love not WAR. Deadline for voting is July 2. I got my votes in

IMG_20150627_115409 (2)

My votes for the MLB All star game.

American League:                                                                             National League

Catcher: Salvador Perez                                                                  Yasmani Grandal,

1st: Eric Hosmer                                                                                  Adrian Gonzalez,

2nd:  Jose Altuve                                                                                 Brandon Phillips,

3rd: Mike Moustakas                                                                         Justin Turner

SS: Elvis Andrus                                                                                  Troy Tulowitzki

DH: Mitch Moreland


Mike Trout                                                                                           Bryce Harper,

 Lorenzo Cain                                                                                     Hunter Pence

Alex Gordon                                                                                       Joc  Pederson


To catch the latest standing in the voting go to :MLB All Star voting stats

After checking the latest stats, the rumors that the Royals are taking over the All Star game are false.

The battle for 1st base is:

1. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers: 11,594,518
2. Eric Hosmer, Royals: 9,150,908

Come on Royals Fans you are slacking off.

The battle for third base is a little closer but with voting ending on July 2. I don’t see a Moose sighting as a starter.

1. Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays: 11,738,206
2. Mike Moustakas, Royals: 10,372,868


Find out who is starting in the All Star game this Sunday.

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