August 2, 2pm, Texas. The perfect combination for baseball.



One problem writing is you can’t really write sarcasm. You hope that people will understand that what you are writing is a joke and not be offended.That being said, Today I don’t really care who I offend.  An Open letter to MLB baseball.

Dear Dummies,

Who in their right mind would make a day game in Texas in August.   As I am writing this the temperature is between 93-95 depending on who is reporting it.

This historical avg  high for today is 96 and the all time high is 107.

Let me tell you a little about Globe Life, plastic and metal and concrete make it boiling in the stadium.   On the field it’s even worse.  but I am not telling anything you don’t know. and yet here we are.

The average ticket to the Texas Ranger ball game cost between $15-$40.For $40 and you too can lose water weight and most of your electrolytes.

The only glimmer of hope I have is there had to be some mistake.  Maybe you thought the Giants was the home team. The temp at this writing is a balmy 62 and the historical high for this day in 1946 it was 91. Maybe you confused us with Houston, they have a roof, we do not.

I know you are going to tell me it is hard to make the schedule in baseball, you have my sympathies  but for the love of everything good and baseball. DO NOT MAKE DAY GAMES IN TEXAS IN AUGUST!

Thank you for your time


Miss Baseball.



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