Bryan Mitchell on the DL


Last night, Bryan Mitchell while pitching in the 2nd inning of last night Twins vs Yankees, Eduardo Nunez shot a line drive right at Mitchell’s head. There was nothing Mitchell could do; While still coming out of his pitchers motion the ball get him right in the face. The ball seemed to whip off the bat and had a direct path to Mitchell’s face.



the exact moment the ball hit Mitchell.


Mitchell was on the ground with blood coming out of his face, he then puts a towel on his face and with minor assistance from a Yankee trained is able to walk to the dugout. Fortunately the outcome is good. Mitchell went to the hospital and has some small nasal fractures . This makes it sound not so bad but any fractures on the face are not good and Mitchell was placed on the 7 day DL for a possible concussion. For all head and facial injuries I think this should be mandatory.

While injuries are a part of baseball, these type of event take my breath away. While some wonder if Mitchell could have gotten out of the way. This is one of those unfortunate events, there was no way for Mitchell to get out of the way in time. I wish him a speedy and full recovery and glad the injury was not more serious.

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