Amazing Slides

We have all seen a slide across the bag, the purpose is different depending on the game situation.  Avoid getting tagged, break up a double play, get to the bag faster all have a purpose. Some are normal just slide your foot or hand, (watch out with the head first hand slide can be very dangerous and an injury likely) Then there are the amazing slides. Where you wonder how does a ball player twist his body into that position or how did he avoid the tag, Such as the case with Dodger’s Justin Turner.

// slides happen, hat comes off or for some reason you have the presece of mind to twist your body to avoid the tag such as the case with Cub’s Anthony Rizzo, who some how makes his legs tuck under his body to avoid the tag.

There are some I even question if it is truly a slide. Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson just looks like he did a belly flop instead of a slide to home.

What are some awesome slides you have seen this year?  Let me know here or catch me on Twitter or Facebook

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