TBT:Field of Dreams World Series Ranger Edition


I am on Twitter, and one of my favorite all-time ballplayers, Frank Catalanotto, retweets from a Blue Jays fan.

“Can we re-sign and to a single day contract and have them throw/see a single pitch so that they get a ring soon too?”

I saw that, and my brown eyes turned green and my Ranger fandom cried out, oh no, sorry Jays fan, if Frank is going to get a ring, it’s going to be a Ranger ring. He was a Ranger for a long time, and he came back to the Rangers after he left the Blue Jays.

Doesn’t he looks good in a Rangers uniform?

Another of my favorite baseball player and my twitter peep

Another of my favorite baseball players and my Twitter peep













Then I thought, who would be in my Field of Dreams? I am standing in Iowa in a cut- down cornfield. Who would be my Ranger Dream Team? To play in a World Series game, to get a Ranger ring?




My lineup as they come out of the corn rows:

Frank Catalanotto, RF

Will Clark, 1st

Mark McLemore, 2nd

Michael Young, SS

Dean Palmer, 3rd

Rusty Greer, LF

Pudge Rodriguez, C

Gabe Kapler, CF

Mickey Tettleton, DH

If I am having a Field of Dreams World Series Ranger Edition, there is only one pitcher:

Nolan Ryan

Oh, my bench is impressive, too. Full of memories of my childhood, so thick. … Forgive me a moment while I wipe away the tears

Steve Buechele

Pete Incaviglia

Ruben Sierra

My bullpen:

Charlie Hough

Kenny Rogers

Kevin Brown

Rick Helling

Aaron Sele

Darren Oliver

John Wetteland

Tell me, who would be in your Field of Dreams?

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