Who would be on your Field of Dreams?


Author Note: I can’t watch the Rangers game, so I am reposing this. I wrote it and thought it was fun. No one read it.  The playoffs make you think of the past so for fun of all the past Rangers who would be my dream team. These are who I chose.  Who would you choose?


I am on Twitter, and one of my favorite all-time ballplayers, Frank Catalanotto, retweets from a Blue Jays fan.

“Can we re-sign and to a single day contract and have them throw/see a single pitch so that they get a ring soon too?”

I saw that, and my brown eyes turned green and my Ranger fandom cried out, oh no, sorry Jays fan, if Frank is going to get a ring, it’s going to be a Ranger ring. He was a Ranger for a long time, and he came back to the Rangers after he left the Blue Jays.

Doesn’t he looks good in a Rangers uniform?

Another of my favorite baseball player and my twitter peep

Another of my favorite baseball players and my Twitter peep













Then I thought, who would be in my Field of Dreams? I am standing in Iowa in a cut- down cornfield. Who would be my Ranger Dream Team? To play in a World Series game, to get a Ranger ring?




My lineup as they come out of the corn rows:

Frank Catalanotto, RF

Will Clark, 1st

Mark McLemore, 2nd

Michael Young, SS

Dean Palmer, 3rd

Rusty Greer, LF

Pudge Rodriguez, C

Gabe Kapler, CF

Mickey Tettleton, DH

If I am having a Field of Dreams World Series Ranger Edition, there is only one pitcher:

Nolan Ryan

Oh, my bench is impressive, too. Full of happy memories.

Steve Buechele

Pete Incaviglia

Ruben Sierra

My bullpen:

Charlie Hough

Kenny Rogers

Kevin Brown

Rick Helling

Aaron Sele

Darren Oliver

John Wetteland

Tell me, who would be in your Field of Dreams?

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