Texas Rangers in October its easy to forget April


While the Rangers maybe over for the season they are far from over as an organization. Jeff Banister talks about how the playoffs were not a reflection of the whole season.


The Rangers were plagued with injuries but the Rangers kept coming back and won a very hard division of the American League West. The beginning of the year they had a winning percentage of .334. They then pushed back and became contenders. An remarkable feat, once you consider who they lost Darvish,and Holland. Darvish will be back next year, and Holland will have a fresh start and be able to get his rhythm down. During the year, Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre have been playing injured. Now they will have a chance to heal. Sure there were mistakes but mistakes that can be corrected and we have a great manager to guide the Rangers. I am sad that they didn’t make it but there is an excitement for me, the best is yet to come. Its time to put your doubt away for the Texas Rangers are stepping up to become a force. This is only the beginning…

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