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If You Give a Girl a Baseball


If you give a girl a baseball,

you then need to give her a bat and a glove.

Show her the love of the game.

If you give a girl a bat, show her how to swing and how to slide.

Tell her to ignore anyone who is snide.

If you give a girl a glove, teach her to catch and the infield fly rule and defensive shifts while you’re at it, too. 

If you give a girl a baseball, show her pitcher’s grips and how hard to throw, and show her that this is the way to go.

If you give a girl a baseball, tell her she belongs here, too.

That baseball is not just for boys; girls can like it, too.


If you give a girl a baseball, don’t take it away at 13 and make her play something different. Softball is not baseball, no matter how much you try to spin it.

Twitter Poll: Which kitty picture is the cutest?


Ok, so I am minding my own business when I see this on my Twitter feed,

Two of my favorite players with cats! Gabe Kapler and Dean Palmer, I know there is a picture of Dean with a dog but we are just going to ignore that as I am a total cat freak. For fun today I thought I would set up a poll on Twitter and let you all decide which kitty picture is the cutest?
Go over to my twitter @hollieham0 and take the poll. Your Choices are: 2001 Dean Palmer and 2000 Gabe Kapler.