If You Give a Girl a Baseball


If you give a girl a baseball,

you then need to give her a bat and a glove.

Show her the love of the game.

If you give a girl a bat, show her how to swing and how to slide.

Tell her to ignore anyone who is snide.

If you give a girl a glove, teach her to catch and the infield fly rule and defensive shifts while you’re at it, too. 

If you give a girl a baseball, show her pitcher’s grips and how hard to throw, and show her that this is the way to go.

If you give a girl a baseball, tell her she belongs here, too.

That baseball is not just for boys; girls can like it, too.


If you give a girl a baseball, don’t take it away at 13 and make her play something different. Softball is not baseball, no matter how much you try to spin it.

About Miss Baseball

I am a lover of baseball. I love everything about the game. From the Hot Guys in tight white pants bending over, to the stats, the history, the strategy. I love it all. It would be even better if I and women like me could play. One day soon.....

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  1. Thank you! I am addicted to baseball. I have always loved the game, but it took on new life the very first time I watched my son and daughter step onto the field at 4 and 5. I was the team mom, the score keeper and the bench coach, (babysitter, child wrangler) assistant coach and coaches wife. Then the deployments came. Before I knew it I was coaching a team full of 8 year olds. It was the last year my daughter played baseball. At 9 my daughter had her baseball dreams crushed. She was given the choice, softball or nothing. She chose nothing. The thought of playing softball with girls was enough to bench her permanently. As a mom, how do you explain to your daughter that I can coach (even though im a girl) but that she can’t play. Thankfully, now, there are options, but there weren’t then. I can happily say, my daughter still loves the sport as much as I do, and understands it. We love to be in the stands surrounded by the sights and sounds of the game. We both get completely annoyed at women that pretend to be interested in the game, but are more interested in the Boys playing it. And there’s nothing worse than a man that feels the need to explain the game to us, because we are women and could never really understand it, except maybe a man that talks like he’s an expert, but has less baseball knowledge then my granddaughter. So, thank you for writing this. I look forward to reading more. Afterall, spring is almost here, and there’s no better time then baseball season!! Good luck!!


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