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It’s Still True: It’s not the steroid era, It’s a steroid WAR.


Dee Gordon tested positive for PEDs. I wrote this in December of 2015 and it is still true today. It is not the steroid era, this is a WAR! Like with any WAR, MLB must find a way to stop this. Player’s Union needs to take a firm stand on this. Fans even us we must not let up. We can not continue this way.

Rosenthal: Bonds, Clemens are on my Hall of Fame ballot for first time. Christian Petersen/Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


I like Ken Rosenthal. Usually, I am in the choir singing along as he tells us his wonderful stories in the church of  baseball. Today, I stopped singing and cried out, “WHAT!” To further the metaphor, I made him stop and tell me what the hell was going on. He said it again. I knew I had heard right, but I was hoping, praying that he had misspoken or was making some obscene joke. No, it was true. He voted for Bonds and Clemens for baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Now, as the shock has worn off, I help the nice lady who has fainted back on her feet. Ken explains a message of nonjudgment. That it was a personal struggle to make this choice and a struggle all the way to the mailbox to send in the ballot. A message that the players have been punished enough, that like the “The Scarlet Letter,” the letter “S” is on their records forever and will probably prevent them from ever truly getting into the Hall of Fame. That it was time to stop and let go.

Ken, it was a wonderful article. I know because I read it three times, and you know what else I read was “The  Scarlet Letter,” and in end, the “A” no longer meant an adulterer but an angel. Baseball is coming up on a dangerous time. With enough time, people forget the impact this has on the game. It has already happened with Pete Rose. People make their justifications. Do we make some more? Yes, there is no “proof” that anyone did anything.

It’s already happening in the Steroid Era. Bonds is a hitting coach, and McGwire is a bench coach. Without saying a single word, MLB and the teams that hire these guys are saying to young players everywhere it’s OK to break the rules. We will forgive you. If you play good enough, there will be no consequences for your actions.

Ken, I do appreciate where you are coming from. It’s unfair to convict a player of a crime without any evidence. If this were a law case, I would be on your side. But this is not about the law; this is about public perception. The Steroid Era makes it sound like some dark thing in the past, but it is not something in the past. It is a terrible problem NOW. And now it’s a battle, now it’s the Steroid War. In war, it is a constant battle between good and evil, between fair and unfair.

According to Baseball America, there were 6 minor leaguers this MONTH who tested positive for PEDs. More than 30 for the whole year. Ken, you might have conceded a battle, but the war still goes merrily along.

Welcome to the new Miss Baseball It’s Our Game Too


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“Image courtesy of”.

It’s Our Game Too. What does that mean? When I started writing Miss Baseball, I wanted to prove myself, that I know baseball. Along the way, another voice kept popping in my head. It was the voice of inclusion. I would be in the world of baseball and would see women having to defend their baseball-dom. I never saw a man do that. And believe me, there are plenty of men who know jack shit about baseball. Just ’cause you wear a jersey don’t mean you know anything. However, I and my fellow female baseball fans for some unknown reason have to prove our fandom to be accepted into the baseball world. Megan Brown posted a wonderful response to a demand for proof of fandom.


We have to suffer through humiliating rites of passage, all to watch the game we love. Megan is not the first woman, nor will she be the last woman, to have to prove her fandom. I only hope I will have as witty of a response when it is my turn.

It’s Our Game Too started as a motto, but now it’s a battle cry. We are 42% of the fan base of baseball. No other company in the world would ignore 42% of its fan base, and yet major league baseball has treated women as second-class fans. Well, no more. Ladies, gals, girls, women, whatever is your moniker, it is time to take a stand. You are a fan of this game, by no one’s standards but your own. Are you the casual fan? Then you are a fan! Are you the die-hard? (Fist bump.) Then you are a fan. Only here for the hot guys? (Oh yes, can I get the highest of high fives?) Then you are a fan. Are you in it for the stats or the history or all of the above? Well then, you are a fan. You are a fan of the wonderful game of baseball. It doesn’t matter how you cheer, all that matters is that you cheer. It’s Our Game Too.

Please Excuse the Mess


Dear Readers,
Changes are a coming. In the next few days Miss Baseball is going to be all sorts of messed up. Please be patient but when it is done. I will have a great site and bring a much needed female voice to baseball. In the meantime you can catch me on Twitter and Facebook.
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