OTOGH: Adrian Beltre 3000



With the swing of the bat and a good jump out of the batter’s box, Adrian Beltre reached a milestone today with a stand up double. At 38 he is the 31st player to reach the 3000 hit club and yet this is not the end of his career. No, this is not his last season before retirement. No Adrian Beltre is still here and still going.

Adrian Beltre reaching 2nd base after hitting 3000 career hits Photo credit: Nick Virgil

Adrian Beltre reaching 2nd base after hitting 3000 career hits Photo credit: Nick Virgil

As a young Dodger all of 19 who convinced Dodger’s great manager Tommy Lasorda to stay with the club and to learn how to play 3rd base by then 3rd baseman Bobby Bonilla. Adrian Beltre’s reputation preceded him no matter what team he was on. When he came to the Rangers it was like 3rd base had been waiting for him.

Now I am not about to spout a bunch of stats and look like a page from baseball-reference.com. There are 4 all star appearances, 5 golden gloves and 4 silver sluggers awards. We could talk about how he is not only a leader but a wonderful teammate; unless you touch his head then you are lucky if you don’t lose a hand. Don’t do it! What makes this accomplishment so great, it is not the end. Beltre is signed for 2018 and will be a free agent in 2019 and is that it? Could he crack the top ten? The point is this is not over. This is only another piece to make his case for baseball’s hall of fame. Will he join Pudge Rodriguez in Cooperstown? No Doubt, and as Rangers fans we get to enjoy the show.

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