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Miss Baseball’s MLB Franchise Four picks


Oh lets have some fun today. I love baseball, I love everything about the game, and I love the long rich history of the game. So MLB has a ballot online at :http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2015/ .jsp

Well I thought I would give you my picks for each team. Now i have to say this was hard. My love of the game and some personal morals and knowledge of the game really made some of these choices hard. In some cases I would cry out to the baseball gods and ask how am I supposed to choose. (toughest teams were Yankees and Red and Cardinals)

So being a life long Texas girl lets start there

Texas Rangers: When I think of Ranger baseball who comes to mind. Now I don’t know if the team made the list or if MLB made the list but my first three choices were no brainers.

Micheal Young, Ivan Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan and my write in because I don’t know how you can talk about Ranger baseball and not mention him. RUSTY GREER!

Astros: I really thought about who do you think about when you think about the Astros, Nolan Ryan is a given. Then you have to pick the killer Bees. Bagwell, Berkman and HOF Biggio

Angels: Anderson, Guerrero,Finley,Salmon

A’s: Simmons, Foxx, Henderson, Eckersley

Mariners: Griffey, Johnson, Martinez, Suzuki

White Sox: Minnie Minoso,Harold Baines,Frank Thomas,Paul Konerko

Indians: Bob Feller,Jim Thome,Omar Vizquel,Tris Speaker

Tigers: Ty Cobb,Alan Trammell,Hank Greenberg,Justin Verlander

Royals:George Brett,Bret Saberhagen,Alex Gordon,Write In: Bo Jackson

Twins:Kirby Puckett,Walter Johnson,Rod Carew,Harmon Killebrew

Red Sox: Cy Young,Carl Yastrzemski,Ted Williams,Pedro Martinez

Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr,Brooks, Robinson,Frank Robinson,Jim Palmer

Yankees: Joe DiMaggio,Lou Gehrig,Babe Ruth,Mickey Mantle

Rays: Evan Longoria,Carlos Pena,David Price,James Shields

Blue Jays: Jose Bautista,Joe Carter,Carlos Delgado, and because I can write in my favorite Blue Jay Frank Catalanotto

National League

Braves:Hank Aaron,Greg Maddux,John Smoltz,Eddie Mathews

Marlins: Livan Hernandez,Giancarlo Stanton,Josh Beckett Write in: Rick Helling

Mets: John Franco,Dwight Gooden,Mike Piazza,David Wright

Phillies: Chuck Klein,Jimmy Rollins,Mike Schmidt,Chase Utley

Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman,Andre Dawson,Vladimir Guerrero,Gary Carter

Cubs: Ernie Banks,Ryne Sandberg,Ferguson Jenkins,Ron Santo

Reds: Johnny Bench,Barry Larkin,Joe Morgan,Frank Robinson

Brewers:Prince Fielder, Rollie Fingers,Paul Molitor,Robin Yount

Pirates: Roberto Clemente,Ralph Kiner,Willie Stargell,Honus Wagner

Cardinals:Lou Brock,Dizzy Dean,Rogers ,Hornsby,Stan Musial

Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez,Randy Johnson,Curt Schilling,Matt Williams

Rockies: Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla,Todd Helton,Larry Walker

Dodgers: Steve Garvey,Sandy Koufax,Jackie Robinson,Fernando Valenzuela

Padres: Adrian Gonzalez,Tony Gwynn,Trevor Hoffman,Jake Peavy

Giants: Christy Mathewson,Willie Mays,Buster Posey, and I don’t know how you can talk about the Giants and not mention Will Clark so he is my last write in vote.

Ok so that’s the list, Who would you pick?

Miss Baseball Predictions part 2 NL


American League
East.                          Central.                   West
Orioles.                      Royals.                   Angels
Red Sox.                    Tigers.                    Rangers
Blue Jays.                  Indians.                  Mariners
Yankees.                    White Sox.              Astros
Rays.                          Twins.                     A’s
Wild card: Rangers
ALDS: Royals
                            National League
East.                          Central.                    West
Nationals.                 Cubs.                       Dodgers
Marlins.                    Cardinals.                 Padres
Braves.                      Reds.                        Giants
Phillies.                      Brewers.                   D-Backs
Mets.                          Pirates.                     Rockies
Wild Card: Padres
NLDS: Cubs

I know I’m getting on the Cubs bandwagon but, I really like what is happening with the team. Are they too young? What is wrong with young?  The Royals team last year was young. And who struck out everyone in the World Series? The 25 yr old Bumgarner. Youth has a place in baseball. Lester is going to be a lightning rod. Just stand back and enjoy the show.

Nationals: Max Scherzer  and the Nats dream rotation. A solid manager Matt Williams, will be able to bring the team up to where it needs to be.

Dodgers: More is more. The Dodgers put the money where they needed. Bringing in new pitchers and infielders. This is a solid team that will dominate the league as well as their division.

Padres: I don’t know what to say about the Padres. All the trading that happened in the off-season, what was that? I see some very interesting baseball. I see them getting a wild card but I think they will need next year to have  solid playoff contention.

Cubs Fans


After a day of shopping, I was hungry and went into a hot dog shop. This was not any ordinary hot dog shop. It’s a Chicago hot dog shop. Wrigley and baseball stuff all around, a tack board to place a picture of your Wrigley field experience.   The owner is a huge Cubs fan, and I get a chance to try a real Chicago dog in Texas. It even had the neon green relish. While I chopped down on my beefy delight the owner talked Cubs baseball. He’s super excited for the season and he’s prediction the Cubs are going to take the pennant. Not for the reason I think they are going to take the pennant. No his prediction comes straight from Hollywood. In the 2nd Back to the Future movie, the star goes to the year 2015, and the Cubs take the pennant. I admit the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Where is the metrics on movie predictions?

But back to Chicago Cubs Fans, they’re everywhere. Whether in a hot dog shop in San Antonio or in the outfield in Minute Maid Park. In 2004, I went on vacation to Houston, to see some NL action. As the stands fill with white jersey with blue pinstripe. I realized that the Cubs Fans were out. I stood up and said “I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo I was supposed to wear my Cubs gear” this got some laughs and the guy next to me forgave me and talked baseball throughout the game. The Cubs Fans were LOUD and rowdy. I was still cheering for the Astros, and it was the Astros home field but right then and there I was in Chicago.

I love the fandom. No matter where you go there is a Cubs fan not too far away. At my favorite bar one of my favorite people to talk to is a Cubs fan. Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday sounds like a good time to get a real Chicago dog.

To check out my latest find go to http://www.wrigleyvillegrill.com/


Twas the Night before Christmas MLB style


Were you on Twitter? , If you were, you would have seen the MLB teams had some fun and the fans had some more fun reciting the famous Christmas poem by, Major Henry Livington Jr,  which also called Account of a Visit from Saint Nicholas. The offical accounts of  Phillies, Red, Astros, Rockies, Cubs, Mariners, MLB and more got into the mix. So my gift to you on this the merriest of nights.