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Rob Neyer answered my question


It was really awesome today to open up the link: http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/just-a-bit-outside/story/mailbag-bryce-harper-marcus-semien-dan-jennings-pete-rose-marlins-indians-athletics-052215

and see my name (correctly spelled too I might add) as one of the questions answered for your amusement my part of the JABO mailbag

Do you think the Marlins have set up Dan Jennings to fail?

– Hollie Hamilton

You mean on purpose? No, I don’€™t think so. I think this is one of those utterly personal decisions that so often defies any sort of logical analysis. Did it make sense for the Angels to sign Josh Hamilton for all those years and all that money? No, of course not. The Angels’€™ owner made what sure looks like an emotional decision. Does it make sense for the Angels to pay Hamilton to play for the Rangers for these next few seasons? No, probably not. The Angels’€™ owner made what sure looks like an emotional decision.

I think the Marlins’€™ owner wanted a new manager and wanted someone he really liked a lot, personally. And he looked around and hey, there’€™s Dan! But there’€™s not much reason to think Jennings will be there a year from now, and I’€™ll be mildly surprised if he’€™s still there in September. Seems like a good interim job for a minor-league manager or a trusty third-base coach.


Fire the Manager, now what?



The Miami Marlins have hired a new manager, a manger with no professional baseball experience, no manger experience. Now he is going to take on a team who needs help with management. Confused? I know I am.

Miss Baseball is no stranger to mangers getting fired it happens. Some of the greatest mangers were fired.  In recent news it has surprised me how quickly a manager is being fired. It is just barely mid May and we have lost two managers. Owner and the front office think the problem is the mangers.

Mangers have often been the scapegoat of the team. We can’t blame the big bat we paid a small country GDP on, or the All-Star pitcher we traded our top 5 prospects no it has to be the manager.

Owners have forgotten what it take to have a successful baseball team. Here are the three things you need as a team to create a solid foundation for a winning season.

Build a cohesive team. When everyone has a position it build confidence. I think two examples of this is the Kansas City Royals and the LA Dodgers.

Create a well stocked farm system. Players are going to get hurt. It is a fact. Who you sign might not be there in September, you have to be prepared. Also if there is a position that is lacking a call up might get the chance to make your team shine.

Hire a good manager. Noticed I didn’t say experience.  While experience helps it is not a requirement. I have to say I feel sorry for Dan Jennings, he has been set up to fail.