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Milb Texas League All Star Game



MiLB had the Texas League All-Star Game in what I believe is one of the most beautiful Double A ballparks: Whataburger Field,

Living in San Antonio, my home MiLB league is the Texas League, which is made up of eight teams in two divisions, North and South.

Here is the Roster for the Texas League All-Star game:

Mike Ohlman C Springfield STL
Balbino Fuenmayor 1B NW Arkansas KC
Sherman Johnson 2B Arkansas LAA
Brian Hernandez 3B Arkansas LAA
Drew Maggi SS Arkansas LAA
Nick Martini DH Springfield STL
Jorge Bonifacio OF NW Arkansas KC
Jeremy Hazelbaker OF Springfield STL
Charlie Tilson OF Springfield STL
Raywilly Gomez C Arkansas LAA
Raul Mondesi INF NW Arkansas KC
Alex Liddi INF NW Arkansas KC
Terrance Gore OF NW Arkansas KC
Chris Anderson RHP Tulsa LAD
Kyle Barraclough RHP Springfield STL
Jeremy Kehrt RHP Tulsa LAD
Jeremy Horst LHP Tulsa LAD
Chris O’Grady LHP Arkansas LAA
Arturo Reyes RHP Springfield STL
Nate Smith LHP Arkansas LAA
Albert Suarez RHP Arkansas LAA
J.C. Sulbaran RHP NW Arkansas KC
Chris Thomas RHP Springfield STL
Razor Shines Manager Tulsa LAD
Matt Herges Pitching Coach Tulsa LAD
Shawn Wooten Hitting Coach Tulsa LAD
Leo Garcia Coach Tulsa LAD

Arkansas RHP Trevor Gott was replaced following his promotion.

Carson Blair C Midland OAK
Conrad Gregor 1B Corpus Christi HOU
Colin Walsh 2B Midland OAK
Ryon Healy 3B Midland OAK
Chad Pinder SS Midland OAK
Matt Olson DH Midland OAK
Travis Jankowski OF San Antonio SD
Chad Oberacker OF Midland OAK
Nick Williams OF Frisco TEX
Roberto Pena C Corpus Christi HOU
Drew Robinson INF Frisco TEX
Tyler White INF Corpus Christi HOU
Nomar Mazara OF Frisco TEX
Travis Ballew RHP Corpus Christi HOU
Chris Devenski RHP Corpus Christi HOU
Ryan Dull RHP Midland OAK
Tayron Guerrero RHP San Antonio SD
Jandel Gustave RHP Corpus Christi HOU
Justin Hancock RHP San Antonio SD
Aaron West RHP Corpus Christi HOU
David Martinez RHP Frisco TEX
Jesus Pirela RHP Frisco TEX
Jake Thompson RHP Frisco TEX
Rodney Linares Manager Corpus Christi HOU
Doug Brocail Pitching Coach Corpus Christi HOU
Dan Radison Hitting Coach Corpus Christi HOU
Tom Lawless Coach Corpus Christi HOU
Grant Hufford Trainer Corpus Christi HOU
Mark Spadavecchia Strength Coach Corpus Christi HOU

Corpus Christi 2B Tony Kemp, Frisco 3B Joey Gallo and RHPs Lance McCullers and Vincent Velasquez of Corpus Christi were replaced following their promotions. San Antonio SS Trea Turner was replaced after his trade to the Nationals, and Frisco C Jorge Alfaro was replaced due to an injury.



North beats South 9 to 4

San Antonio’s Travis Jankowski sends a home run to right field in the first. Midland’s Ryon Healy does the same in the second. In the top of the third, Frisco’s Jake Thompson comes in to pitch, and Springfield’s Nick Martini gets a double and later scores on a fielder’s choice from teammate Jeremy Hazelbaker. In the top of the fourth, with San Antonio’s Justin Hancock now pitching for the South, NW Arkansas’ Balbino Fuenmayor doubles and later scores on a single by Arkansas’ Brian Hernandez, who ends up on second due to a throwing error. Going into the fifth, the score is tied at 2.

In the top of the fifth, Frisco pitcher Jesus Pirela gives up a single to Arkansas’ Sherman Johnson. Later Pirela walks Hazelbaker. Then Pirela balks while Springfield’s Charlie Tilson is at bat. This moves Johnson to third and Hazelbaker to second. That would be all for Pirela, and hometown pitcher Travis Ballew is brought in. It wouldn’t help much, as Tilson gets a two-RBI single, and makes the score 4 to 2, the North in the lead. The South would make the game interesting in the bottom of the fifth. Arkansas’ Albert Suarez comes in to pitch and walks the first batter he faces, Midland’s Chad Pinder. Midland’s Chad Oberacker then gets a double, and the Midland boys aren’t done yet. Next is a sac fly from Carson Blair and a throwing error by Terrance Gore. Pinder scores, and Oberacker is at third. While San Antonio’s Jankowski is at bat, Suarez throws a wild pitch that scores Oberacker, and the score is again tied, this time at 4. But this would be the last time the South would score.

We go to the top of the eighth. San Antonio’s Tayron Guerrero is now pitching and gives up a single to Tilson, who would steal second. But it wouldn’t matter, as Jorge Bonifacio homers to left, making the score 6 to 4 in favor of the North.

In the top of the ninth, Corpus Christi’s Jandel Gustave is now on the mound. He walks Nick Martini and Drew Maggi,  then hits Terrance Gore. Tilson reaches on a fielder’s choice, scoring Martini. Gustave then walks Jorge Bonifacio to score Maggi. Corpus Christi’s Aaron West then comes in to pitch. He gives up a sac fly to Balbino Fuenmayor, and that scores Gore.

Final score: North 9, South 4.

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Baseball is life



IMG_1632 (2) (640x480)

I once read a Twitter post that said, “Baseball is not life, it is something you do. Life is something you live.”  A former ballplayer wrote that, and I can understand it. But I disagree  with it. Baseball IS life.

I am back from a much- needed vacation. I toured the city of Corpus Christi while avoiding Tropical Storm Bill. While my intention to go to a single game was washed out, I was treated to a double header the next day.  The USS Lexington is close by, and I took my boys to view the massive museum.  We toured the ship, and when my youngest was too tired to go on, we headed over to the mess deck to get a drink. We passed by this case full of baseball artifacts from 1933 and ’34 Navy baseball teams.

The vision of sailors, playing baseball — I think about them on the flight deck, with gloves on, tossing a ball around.  I have a vision of the stands in the ballpark and sailors watching and cheering the other sailors playing.

I think a little bit about the Twitter quote as I walk over to Whataburger Field. The Frisco RoughRiders and the Corpus Christi Hooks are Double A-ing my fun with a double header.  I get the last ticket behind home plate.

Manger for the Hooks Rodney Linares and acting as manger for the Rough Riders Jason Hart

Hooks Manager Rodney Linares and RoughRiders Acting Manager Jason Hart exchange lineups.

I am in my seat ready to watch some baseball, when my seat neighbor appears, a nice woman with her mom and a family friend. That’s right, I am sitting behind home plate and it is girls’ night out. My neighbor  is a huge Hooks fan, and the teasing commenced as I cheered for the RoughRiders. She and I talk about baseball throughout the game. She had her favorite players, ones she liked because they were kind to her child and others that were kind to the eyes.  Yes, I was giggling like a schoolgirl over some cute ballplayers; not going to apologize for that. Baseball pants are the world’s greatest invention.  Two games, 7 innings each, and the RoughRiders lost both, but there was some good ball in there, and I see a great team.  I even have a favorite RoughRider. His name is Drew Robinson, and he wears 16 (Dean Palmer’s Ranger number) and he has a passion for the game.

The game is over, and I find the Frisco team bus. And while I couldn’t wait for the players to come out, I did meet more people.

I met the founders of Keeper of the Game Foundation, and the business card read, “Serving kids with special needs and disabilities while promoting servant leadership.”  As a mom, of two children with autism, I am in awe. I am then handed a photo of my favorite player, Drew Robinson, and I hang it here near my desk.

After saying my goodbyes and getting in the car to head back to my hotel, I am just as relaxed after a double header as I was playing in the ocean.  Baseball is life — it keeps popping in my mind. Seeing baseball artifacts on the USS Lexington, going to a double header and being with other women who love baseball as much as I do, meeting people who understand how important baseball could be to special needs children. It just made me think, this is life.

Baseball is life. Baseball connects us. It moves us, it bonds us into a community. Baseball has all the markers of life: passion, love, hatred, obsession, lust. Baseball is the perfect euphemism for life.  You may strike out more than you hit a home run, but you never stop swinging.


Joey Gallo, the future in the present.




Joey Gallo on deck at the Big League Weekend

I saw Joey Gallo in my hometown during Big League Weekend. My first reaction. He is HUGE! I had this image of a cute little infielder, nothing could be further from the truth. He stepped into the on deck circle and Whoosh! His bat was inches from hitting me in the face.  He very politely stepped to the side to work on his swings. At 6’5″ 230 lbs he is impressive to say the least.  While playing for the Frisco Roughriders, he was hitting .314/.425/.636,another impressive stat. While I watched him, I noticed his arms are massive and his swing is that of his mentor Jason Giambi.


The question comes up is it too early for Gallo, and I am going to say NO. He’s young and a power hitter. The glove can be developed. In Texas he will be playing third base and that will help focus. During his time in the minors he has been at 3rd and left field and I think this is a mistake, he need to focus on his infield position not spread himself out.


Baseball America doesn’t see very much coming from Joey but I disagree, I see something in him and I am very excited. Its time to see if our baby duck can swim.