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Pitchers & Catchers reporting is not a SCAM


Normally Miss Baseball is a calm positive person. Not today! I was upset by a previous Sporting News article, that I talk about on my blog


The author of that article didn’t understand why Ranger fans are still mad at Josh Hamilton. Sorry Josh, we are a Baseball Town.

But Now, Jesse Spector gives us more contrived dribble saying that when pitchers and catchers report is not real baseball, and we as fans should not be excited about it.  Even to be as bold to say that it is a scam.

Seriously Sporting News you are a legit publication right?


Well let Miss Baseball explain to you what Spring Training is.

Many ballplayers coming back haven’t played “baseball” since  September.I would hope that they don’t just start throwing 99 mph fastballs. I hope they start off slowly. Get back into the groove of playing everyday.

Gabe Kapler discussed this during the Winter Development program.


To Quote Kap; “I think in the past, guys have had opportunity to display their athletic prowess,” Kapler said in a conference call with reporters today. “We have leaned against that this year, in favor of creating a more mentally inviting environment. We wanted our players to stay on their offseason programs … and not ramp up in the middle of winter to impress physically. Rather, we wanted them to be open-minded and flexible and nimble of thought.”

What Kapler is saying here that a ramp up of physical activity is not good.

Pitchers and Catchers need to build up the strength and stamina for the season. You do this SLOWLY and I am OK with that. As a fan I want to see all pitchers and catchers prepared completely.

Mr. Spector is right about one thing, Pitchers and Catchers reporting is not completely baseball.

Baseball is a steakhouse dinner, When you go to the steakhouse, You want a big ( and in my case medium rare) steak. You start off with a shrimp cocktail. No its not the steak dinner I came for, but if you try to take my shrimp cocktail away I will stab your hand with a fork.

TBT: on the field at the ballpark in Arlington.


Happy me on the field right before the game.

This was in September 2001, and I’m volunteering with the Texas Rangers Women’s Club. A wonderful organization that uses its fund to bring kids to Rangers games. The Rangers honored us by allowing us to line up right by the dugout as the Ranger players took the field.
I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing too.
I had visions of the guys giving me high fives as they took the field. What actually happened was another story.
Now everyone in baseball knows Frank Catalanotto and Gabe Kapler. Nice guys, signs stuff for fans. You get the picture.

Now as a fan, we see it from a far, never up close. The GAME FACE. I was not prepared. I had only seen these guys off the field. As we lined up they changed, the intensity came over them as the announcer drew out “your Texas Rangers!!!!” And the image I could use is a wolf. Strong, Beautiful, Intense, Deadly.
Gone was the nice Frank Catalanotto instead he ran quickly to his position with an intense brooding that was frightening.  Gabe Kapler, whose massive physique only intensified his wolf persona. As he ran by I wanted to throw a steak at him and run the opposite direction.
As they took the field the ground rumbled, and I had this fear that the wolves would attack but they just ran by and I had a sense of relief as we were escorted off the field.

To witness first hand the drive, the determination, the focus. It made me proud that these guys still had their fire. That being said I would never want to be on the field at game time ever again. When it’s game time I will be in the stands away from the wolves.

Inside the mind of baseball


I am a strong believer in the mind makes the ballplayer. It seems that the Dodgers and the Red Sox seem to agree with me. I just read two interesting articles about the mind and baseball first was from the Boston Globe.


In short the Red Sox have a behavioral health department to help the team keep their head in the game at all times. Also to help the minor leagues adjust to life in baseball. I applaud this effort to develop the mind of the player and the mind is the greatest skill a player can have. there are going to be times when the mechanics fail and it is the mind that brings the body back.

I have an interesting insight to the next article, I am a part of Kap Lifestyle. Gabe Kapler’s health and wellness website.

( go to http://kaplifestyle.com/ if you are into health and fitness, or just go to it because the information is some of the best out there)

I have had the privilege to read Kap’s thoughts on all topics but one topic  he is quite passionate about is the mind. For instance today post was how Inspirational speeches can be used to motivate you to workout. (check out the article here: http://kaplifestyle.com/2015/01/inspirational-speeches)

So I was very interested to read this from the dodgers blog (http://dodgers.mlblogs.com/2015/01/12/mind-matters-gabe-kapler-on-changes-to-winter-development-program/) Kap has some wonderful insights and to a young ballplayers mind lays the foundation for strong steady ballplayer. to quote Kap:

““We believe stronger and more well-adjusted men are more confident men, and more confident men equal better baseball players, and better baseball players equal a more championship-caliber team,”

All the teams need to be doing this, your body can only take you so far, but the mind can take you anywhere.

Twitter and baseball so much fun


The other day I was on Twitter and the Blue Jays did a retweet.


I thought “Hey! its Frank, I could write a whole other post about the Frank Catalanotto Fnd, but when I started following it, I then saw Frank’s official Twitter account. and started following that too.

I was very excited to find Frank, as he is one of my favorite former Rangers and all around nice guy.  so I just put out there.

Do you know who favorited it?  Pudge and Frank! This makes me so happy and gets me excited to work more on this blog, so in the coming months I am going to dare to ask for interviews and I am going to be more vocal on my opinions on baseball.  Be patient with me as I am still recovering from knee surgery. The best is yet to come.


Who is Gabe Kapler?


Someone call 911! Miss Baseball has had a stroke. Who is Gabe Kapler?! OK, OK put down the phone! I know who Gabe Kapler is. I thought that was a better title than “How I Accidentally Became a Gabe Kapler Superfan.”  Well, it’s Thursday, so for Throwback Thursday, I thought I would tell you the story of how I got to meet two different Gabe Kaplers.


Well, it all started with a meet-and-greet and my fandom of Rusty Greer. I got up to the mall at 7:30 a.m. and was first in line. I was going to meet Rusty. I was so excited I couldn’t stand myself. I saw another name. Who is Gabe Kapler? I call my father. “Who is Gabe Kapler?”

His response: “I told you, the pretty boy we got in the Juan Gone deal, the one who’s really into fitness.”

“Oh yeah, I remember now. Thanks.”

I didn’t have anything for Gabe to sign. Rusty was going to sign my Greer jersey, but what did I have for Gabe? Oh, I know, I will take off my ball cap. He can sign that. After hours of waiting Rusty, is there and there is another guy wearing a very dorky track suit. You know, those were really popular in the day, but as a girl, I hated how guys looked in them. Plus, he was wearing Michigan colors, blue and gold. In Texas, that is sacrilege. Thanks to a very nice security guard, I got to meet Rusty one on one before the signing. He was so happy that I had waited so long to see him, he hugged the stuffing right out of me. I got a wonderful picture with Rusty.

10565288_10205954755535003_7868187212127551203_n (1)

Coming off of a high of meeting my favorite Ranger of all time, and getting the best hug to this day, (yes, it’s been 14 years and it’s still the best hug ever) I didn’t know Gabe. I walked up and gave Rusty my jersey and asked Gabe to sign my hat. Rusty looks at Gabe and says, “She has been waiting for us since 7:30.”

Now Gabe looks right at me and says, “Oh really? Well, thanks for coming out,” and signs my hat. When he gives it back, he smiles.

I would like to tell you I was cool, but nope, I was a dork. I said “Thanks!” in a high-pitched voice, giggled and turned three shades of red. I was completely flustered. He was the most beautiful man I had ever laid my eyes on.
I was on a double high! Now I needed a new jersey, now that Rusty had signed my old one. You guessed it!


I got stopped on the street. “I love your jersey! Oh, he’s so gorgeous!  Gabe “the babe” Kapler, as he would be called, stole a lot of hearts in Texas. He was a good ball player and became a fan favorite. (Kap likes stats, so his WAR with the Rangers was a 2.8.)  Gabe went off to the National League, more specifically the Colordo Rockies, and I lost track of him until 2003, when I saw he was with the Boston Red Sox.  I got really excited seeing him play in the playoffs and the go on the the World Series. I saw him from time to time playing for other teams, then he left baseball and I didn’t think much of Gabe until about  October of this year.

I got Royal fever bad. I had not been following baseball for a long time, and I was starting to come back to it. When I was on Twitter, I saw Gabe and someone else talking. Nothing really noteworthy, but I saw him and went “Is that Gabe, the Rangers’ Gabe?” Sure enough, it was. I clicked follow and saw he was into metrics and then he made a post:



I was really moved about what it said. You are not doing anyone any favors by sugar-coating things. Be direct and be honest.  Well, it made me realize how important honesty was to me, so I told Kap.



Giggle! I guess old habits are hard to break.

Now I read Kap’s blog every day. He is also Kap to me, no longer Gabe “the babe.” I have learned more from him in three months about health and fitness than years of reading fitness magazines. What do you eat when you are sick? Berries. Is milk a bad thing to drink when you are sick? NO, it can help you get better faster. ( I tested both theories, and for me, they worked wonders.) Kap takes on any topics and responds to our questions. He will hear theories and question them, he might even do an experiment. Like he heard going grain-free would make you feel better. So he is now going grain-free and testing to see if it is better. (I’m not going to update you, you have to go check out the blog.)


I don’t know how else to say this. Kap, your shirt looks good on me. 🙂


His blog, which you can find on Kaplifestyle.com,  has a whole community. I have never felt more welcomed. As I read the blog, I thought of what I would want to say and what was important to me. I then became inspired to write my own blog, this one about my love of baseball. Kap has even gotten me into metrics, which I never thought I would like, but it’s really fascinating the more I read into it.

It always amazes me how people impact your life. The right person saying the right thing at the right time can really change your world. So, Who is Gabe Kapler?  A loving father, a writer, a coach, an advocate, a motivational speaker, a researcher, a scientist  and so much more. He reminds me of the old adage to never judge a book by its cover. But sometimes, a really good book has a really beautiful cover.