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Another side of being released, a sad fan’s tale












I met Jayson Nix one day in September in 2004. He was kind and sweet, and he signed my program. After the exchange, I was his fan. You don’t choose love, love chooses you. I would of course write him, but I never got any responses to my letters.  I even wrote him as a Yankee. Oh, that killed me. On Tuesday, June 23, Jayson was released from the Iron Pigs Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies.  He was batting .167.  I was never quite sure he knew that I was cheering for him, so the rest of this is to Jayson.

Dear Jayson,

Here is where we met. Do you remember that day? I will never forget it. It’s tucked in my mind and my heart. This is the day I became your fan. Your brother was a Ranger, and I had to cheer for you. You went 4 for 5 that day.  After the game, I went to get your autograph. I called out your name, and I will never forget what you asked:

“Were you the fan cheering for me?”

You looked so serious. I thought I had embarrassed you, but when I answered that it was me, a smile came across your face. You shouted to your teammates and said:

“It’s my fan.”

Your fan. That’s what I became. I watched this guy playing for double-A Tulsa against my team, the San Antonio Missions, and he had a wonderful glove and I just saw something in him. He was going to make it the show. I just knew it.

I watched you sign with Colorado, watched you make it on Team USA and was so scared when I heard the news that you had been hit in the head. I wouldn’t hear any good news until I saw you playing in Chicago for the White Sox. I followed your career, and any chance I could watch you on television, I was glued to my set. I hated you being a Yankee. Not even my love for you could make me cheer for the Yankees, but I still cheered for you. Years later, I tracked down a baseball card.


I saw you as a member of the Phillies, and then you were gone, sent down to the minors. And then a free agent and brought up as a Pirate. Then out again, and then the Royals got you. I was so proud, I even had made a shirt made. 10689921_10205473676988340_4701154597549651017_n

I screamed out and jumped up and down when I saw your name on the World Series roster. I saved this picture. I was so happy to see you smile. 10488065_10205599419131815_1030154536630062148_n

Then the World Series was lost, and I knew you would go to another team. I was excited about you being an O and thought for sure you were going to make the team. I watched all the spring training games you were in.


wpid-wp-1425518488496.jpegThen you got sent to Norfolk, and I was still watching, on Milb.tv, and still cheering. Then I had hope that the Phillies would bring you up to the show. I watched you as an Iron Pig too.11289014_10153069989259081_5906710514881462966_o


I always believed that if you got back to the show, you would tear it up. I always thought that was possible. Now I write this and I just wanted you to know I have been cheering for you. I believe in you and I always will. I hope you keep chasing the dream, but if you decide to retire, I understand. I just wanted you to know that I have loved these 10 years. I have loved being your fan.

Sincerely your fan,




For the love of minor league baseball


Today I spent my time in the minors, well watching minor league baseball. The Norfolk Tides and Syracuse Chiefs. Very few fans were  at the ballpark for the day game. I was watching in the comfort of my home thanks to milb.tv. While the feed is bad, the sound worse, and sometimes the camera work was fuzzy. The game was still there. There is something almost traditional about minors, it makes me think of how it was in the 20 and 30 before all the technology its a simple game. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. Minor leagues give you a chance to catch a glimpse of the future of the MLB. Or a flash back to the past, Yes, there was a reason I am watching the Norfolk Tides, my favorite player is on the team. Jayson Nix who I met during his first time in the minors, such a nice guy and after we met I became his fan ever since. Jayson did some great field work as usual and today the bat wasn’t there but he has been improving on that. A solid performance by the whole Tides team and they won 2-1.  While its too far for me to go to a Norfolk game at least I can cheer for them and Jayson.

Fandom is blind


My Twitter pals asks “Anyone want to play fantasy baseball? Let me know.”
For me the answer is no. I am a fan of the game. I’m a fan of my Texas Rangers and I’m a Jayson Nix Super Fan. To be successful in fantasy baseball, you must remain objective. I don’t have that when it comes to my fandom. I would choose my favorite players.
My fantasy lineup would be
SS Jayson Nix (come on you knew that was coming)
3rd David Wright
C Salvador Perez
RF Shin-Soo Choo
LF Alex Gordon
1st Eric Hosmer
2nd Jose Altuve
CF Andrew McCutchen
Derek Holland
Brandon McCarthy
Brett Anderson
Darren O’Day
Corey Kluber
Zack Greinke

At Big League Weekend, I screamed that Martin was safe when he was out by a mile. I still remember the look that Elvis gave me while standing in the on deck circle. his look said “girl he’s out” Elvis, I know he’s out but with my fandom, I always think my guys are safe. My pitchers only throw strikes and my hitters never went around.

Now don’t worry if you think this blog is going to be a mushy mess of fandom, because believe you and me, I have some opinions on what all the teams need to do to get better. Jayson Nix does this thing when he goes up to bat that drives me up the wall. I think it screws with his timing.
This is why I write about all of baseball. I can write what I think about the other teams and players. For my Texas Rangers and Jayson Nix I will TRY to keep my fandom in check.

MRA is not MRI


As I wait to see if Jayson Nix has made the Baltimore Orioles. I’ve been reading a lot about JJ Hardy and his injury. I kept seeing MRA and looked it up.
From the mayo clinic:

Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)  The MRA scan is a special kind of diagnostic procedure. It uses magnets and computers to create images or “pictures” of the blood vessels in certain areas of the body. 
While similar to an MRI it is not the same.

Through this test they have been able to determine that Hardy has subscapularis strain. Minimum 10 days no baseball activities. I got that from Roch Kubatko at MASN.

So it looks like the O’s might need Jayson. I will keep waiting to see if I’m going to be the biggest O’s fan…

Jayson Nix Cap Auction



So I see this on Twitter from the O’s

at the time, there was NO Jayson Nix cap on the auction block!. I quickly went to Twitter and requested my favorite player’s hat.

The response was wonderful

I was so excited. I went to bid. I admit I went a little crazy

ok a lot crazy, but I now know I am NOT the only Jayson Nix fan. The hat shot up in price last night to the tune of $196. I am disappointed that I will not be getting the hat but I am happy to see Nix fans come out.

So if you want a chance at a Jayson Nix Cap, by the way game worn and autographed then go to:


Jayson Nix Home Run




I can’t see his face or number or even his name on his jersey but I know that swing anywhere. Today was the Spring Training opener for the Baltimore Orioles vs Detroit Tigers in Sarasota, Florida. The O’s lost.

Here is the recap: RECAP: Orioles’ 5-4 loss to the Tigers. http://t.co/UICZVvCW5C

As a Jayson Nix fan, I’m going to tell you what he did today.

Jayson came in the 7th inning. His usual wonderful glove work came in handy for a 6-3 double play.
Jayson got the first hit of a rally in the 8th with a single. He would later reach 3rd when DET pitcher Hardy missed a pick off attempt.
Jayson would score thanks to a single from Alvarez.
Jose Valdez comes in to replace Hardy.
The rally got the score DET 5 BAL 3
Bottom of the 9th
With two outs down by two Jayson Nix hits a Home Run to Left Field.
But sad to say it was no enough and the O’s lost.
They play tomorrow and this time I can catch on MLB.TV.
Can NOT wait for some more action from Jayson Nix!

Hey! Where are the pictures?!


Ok, We all know Miss Baseball’s undying fandom for Jayson Nix, he’s trying to make the O’s right now. There have been tons of pictures taken from Spring Training but no pictures of Nix. It’s not just the O’s , most of the teams will only show a few big names and that’s it. I see the photographers but where are the pictures? Baseball is a TEAM sport so stop highlighting one or two players and take some photos of all the members. To the O’s How about some Jayson Nix photos? And while I am rubbing this magic lamp could you tell him his number one fan is cheering for him.

Never stop cheering


Yes he signed my program! He is one of the nicest players I've ever met

So it’s been 10 yrs since, I have seen a very young Jayson Nix. I saw him play in one game and I became his fan.  I saw talent that day. I have the program and the scorecard, he went four for five that day with his first hit a double. I saw impressive field work. He was in short amazing.

It wasn’t easy to follow his career in the beginning but thanks to modern technology or the MLB app to be more specific, I’m now able to follow Jayson wherever he goes. Thanks to the ESPN app I got the news that Jayson was placed on the World Series roster. I just started screaming and jumping up and down. I screamed again when he came into the game. I held my breath as he came up to bat. I then said the same words to him then as I said 10 years ago. ” COME ON JAYSON, make something happen”

Jayson is now at Spring Training with the O’s trying for a spot on the roster. I’m still cheering and still believing in his talent.

Football is over, time for BASEBALL


A little more than two weeks and spring training officially begin with pitchers and catchers reporting. I’m ready to see what is going to happen and a little preview for next week. I’m going to make my predictions. I just bought my 2015 Baseball Prospectus: The Essential Guide to the 2015 Season. Last year I was miffed at them saying Jayson Nix wasn’t suited to be a starter. I beg your pardon BP (Baseball Prospectus) any team could use a good solid infielder. You want a big bat then go buy one but you also need someone who can handle the infield and Nix is it. No, I’m not letting my fandom cloud my judgement. There are three parts of the game. Hitting, Pitching and Fielding. In the AL we buy a big bat and make him the DH. This gives some leeway to having someone whose not a power hitter but can help on the field. I think fans forget this sometimes. A good fielder will prevent more runs than a good hitter can create. So tonight I’m going to read my new guide and ill try to not get miffed when they say something I don’t agree.