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Hamilton Homecoming: A Time to Cheer


Hamilton stayed over an hour to sign autographs after a game

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well these speak volumes of a changed man. I am a very loyal fan of the Texas Rangers and I admit I had my doubts but Josh has surprised me.  I am a firm believer in actions speak louder than words. In the first two photos Josh is signing autographs but when I saw that he stayed for an hour to sign more autographs that showed me he does care about the fans.

The video: well I think if there is any doubt that he is not all here it has been put to rest by a Rusty Greer like grab.

Tonight Josh comes home and I will be cheering and I hope you will be too. Go Rangers!

Welcome Back Josh Hamilton


Well it will be announced soon, and there has been a Josh Hamilton sighting at the ballpark. So let me be the first to say Welcome Back Josh Hamilton. You are now a Ranger and because of that you have now earned me fandom. You need to take care of it. For my fandom is awesome. It comes with love and hope and the never ending belief that you will do great things. My opinions didn’t die. But, I do not boo my players. I cheer in hope to uplift you. You are not the first player to come to loving arms of Texas, there have been quite a few player that Texas was the place they need to clear their reputation.  This is where you belong. you bring the talent but we the fans are what makes you the star. It is our love, our hope, our cheers that will raise you up. We only want good things for you.  Give us the love and respect that we have earned that we have proven to deserve. While I wish this was under better circumstances, You are now on my team and as a fan we must embrace our team.  Go Rangers! GO HAMILTON!!!!!

Josh Hamilton: What the Rangers could have gotten instead


I would like to state for the record, i don’t hate Josh Hamilton. I don’t like how he behaves and he has offended me as a baseball fan. I also think you never bash your former team. For me when you become a Ranger you get my Fandom, and when you leave, I will still hope good things for you and when the Rangers are not in the playoff then yeah I will cheer for you. I have always done that and I always will.

That being said. OH NO! Josh Hamilton is back to being a Ranger and as I write this I scan Twitter for some glimmer of hope that the deal has collapsed. Nope we are still a go. OK.

Well as the news broke out you could tell the real fan from the fake ones. I almost laughed at the fans who thought they are getting 2011 Josh Hamilton .298/.346/.536 no we are not getting this. We are getting this .263/.331/.414, for 15 million over the next three years.

So as you know its my quest to finally learn metrics and I thought I would start today. so armed with my new email subscription to Baseball Prospectus, I think we can get the same ballplayer Josh Hamilton for less than 5 million a year.  Let’s test this theory.

Well let me start off by saying WHOA! That’s a lot of stats,but after a bit of searching around I think I got what I needed. According to the Baseball Prospectus 2015 The Essential Guide to the 2015 Season. I am not quoting the stats you want the stats do what the rest of us do Buy the book. I will tell you that Ryan Ludwick was a comparable to Josh Hamilton. Ryan Ludwick was signed by the Rangers this spring and let go. Now isn’t that interesting.

A quick search and a highlighter in hand I have figured out players who would be a better investment, give us the same batting support as Hamilton and be about half the cost of 15 million over three years

Robbie Grossman

Junior Lake

Corey Dickerson

Why did i pick these guys, well I had my reasons. No in all seriousness Baseball Prospectus listed Ryan Ludwick (which we already talked about ) and Josh Willingham as comparables.

So on my list Robbie Grossman had a higher BA BIP .311 than Ludwick and his FB% is 25.8% which is better than  Ludwick and the same as Josh Hamilton

Junior Lake has a BA BIP of .293 while lower than Hamilton his FB% is greater than Hamilton 26.9%

but if you are just looking at BA BIP than Corey Dickerson has it with .356 to Hamilton .350 the other plus for Corey is he is 25. An investment for the future.

Anyone of these guys would love 15 million over the next three years, or even half that. Its time to stop waxing nostalgia and take off the rose colored glasses. The Josh that led us to victory is not here anymore. Can he come back? Well for 15 million he better come back but I think its time for Jon Daniels to really look what is out there and do some serious research. 


Josh Hamilton owes me an apology


According to the Dallas Morning News:


Ranger fans cheered and clapped when GM Jon Daniels shot down rumors of a Josh Hamilton return. This reaction is no surprise to Miss Baseball or other Ranger fans. We are still mad at Josh, but I thought everyone knew why. Then I read this from blogger David Cash

I was thinking it was going to be a feel-good article about how we shouldn’t hold grudges and such, but no, he seemed to not understand why Ranger fans were mad and started quoting stats about how great Josh was. I thought surely this was just one person who didn’t understand, but then I read an article by Marc Lancaster:


Again, no mention about Josh’s harsh words, and then it hit me. They didn’t know. They didn’t know what Josh had done to make us so mad. Please let me take this chance to enlighten you.

I thought at first I would type it all out, but the videos are too good. Click to see what started this firestorm.



Then to add further insult to injury, his harsh words continued on with his return to Texas.

To Josh Hamilton:

I have been a Texas Ranger fan for more than 30 yrs. I have cheered for my team through the good and the bad.



You were a Ranger, and I loved you and embraced you as a player for my team. Then when you left, your words hurt me in my heart, this place where I love all my baseball players.  The only time I have booed for a Ranger, his name was Steve Buechele.

I have cheered for other former Rangers. When Ruben Sierra came up to bat in a Yankee uniform, I went bat-shit crazy cheering for him. Ruben is awesome, even being a part of the evil empire.

The difference?

Ruben has said nothing bad about Ranger fans.

Josh, I want an apology. I am a true fan and you have insulted me.