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Welcome MLB Playoff Fans


Welcome MLB playoff fans! Come on in and sit yourself down. Someone get them a beer and a dog.

For you Dodger fans, we have the classic Dodger Dogs.

For those enjoying the Cubs, we have the best version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Here is a quick bio of Harry Caray. Do not go to WRIGLEY FIELD and not know Harry Caray.

Baseball playoff season is upon us. In the NL, the Cardinals are already in. The Dodgers are in, thanks to Clayton Kershaw. The Mets are coming in from the East.  A battle for the wild card is going on between the Cubs and the Pirates. Will this finally be the Cubs’ year? In the AL, the Blue Jays are in, as are the Royals, who have been dominant this year. There is a battle in the West for who will go on to win the division, who will play the Yankees in a one-game winner-take-all and who will just go home.

Now here come the FANS. You know the fair-weather fans, the ones who about the end of August realize that people are playing baseball. They flip on the channel and suddenly become fans, watching the teams get better and better.

The fair-weather fan comes into our house. For the die-hard fans, it feels like an invasion of privacy, and honestly, there’s a little bit of jealously. We suddenly become bitter girlfriends.

“Oh no, you cannot come in here. This is my team. You just need to step off. I have been cheering for them all season. You think you can just come in here and think you are as good of a fan as me!”

I have always been a die-hard Rangers fan. But last year, with the Rangers nowhere near the playoffs, I turned my attention to my favorite player Jayson Nix. He was picked up by the Royals, and so I picked up my fandom and became a Royals fan. For the first time, I was a fair-weather fan. Social media and fandom can be a wonderful combination. I was embraced by the Royals fans online, forgiving me for being a Nix fan once they found out I met him and that’s why I cheered for him.

The Royals went on an impressive streak, and the fair-weather and die-hard fans were sent into a frenzy. And I was so excited I even bought a shirt and had it customized for Nix. I like being unique. I wore my shirt proudly and was again embraced by the real Royals fans. High-fives and”love your shirt.” They made me a real fan, while the Rangers still have my heart. The Royals brought me back to baseball.

Baseball can be an elitist sport sometimes. We have our own jargon and rules and no real reason of why we do things. Our job as the die-hards is to show the fair-weather fans what they have been missing, encourage and teach them all about what makes the team great. Let’s embrace the fair-weather fans, and maybe they will become real fans.


Funny Friday: Dodgers Minions vs Giants Full House


Today, I was on Twitter when the Giants did a parody of the Full House opening credits. It is too funny.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsIs it the funniest? Well I still think this Dodger Minion parody is funnier but you decide. Leave you thoughts in the comment section here or follow me on Twitter @hollieham0 or on Facebook 

Should of been a producer great camara man lol

A video posted by Yasmani Grandal (@yazmaniandvl) on Jun 21, 2015 at 10:25pm PDT


MLB Predictions: The Surprise Factor


I hate making predictions. It’s a hard thing to do. You take a roster of men, and based on stats and previous performance and/or scouting reports, you make a prediction.  There is an element in baseball that no one talks about but everyone knows: The Surprise Factor. While self-explanatory, it has many examples: the 1951 Giants — “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” — a dream when on the bottom that you can work your way to the top of the standings.


In more recent years, the 2004 Red Sox, during the ALCS, down three games to none, came back to beat the Yankees ( which you know I am always happy about) and later win the World Series against the Cardinals.

This year, I tried my hand at predicting the winners and wildcards. My NL Predictions and  AL Predictions.  I admit fully that I was blinded by Cub fandom. I just really want to see the Cubs in the World Series.  I was surprised at Lester. I thought he had a pickoff move. This is essential in small ball in the NL.  No one could have guessed what the Astros have done. I mean, if I weren’t a huge Ranger fan, I would be cheering for these Texas boys. The Astros have made the AL West a real division, with some real competition.

Who would I pick to win now? Well, being a glutton for punishments, I would say this:

My new AL predictions:

West: I would like to see the Astros beat the Angels, and I predict Astros will win the division. I think that if they make some trades, there could be real Wild West fun. I see the Angels being the wild card again, like last year.

Central:  Royals Royals Royals. They still have the magic from last year, and, no surprise, what make a great team great: camaraderie.

East: If you going to spend some money, you might as well get something for it. The Yankees should be on top, for all they put into the team.

My new NL predictions:

West: I love the Dodgers, where pitching is king. There is going to be some back-and-forth in the standings with the Giants, Dodgers will prevail.

Central: I think we will see The Surprise Factor at work. The Pirates are coming back in a big way. It’s going to make for some fun baseball.

East: Chocolate sauce all around. The Nationals have this in the bag. That being said, I see the Mets coming in as the wild card.




Fun Fact Friday: Saltalamacchia is how long?


Watching the Dodgers play  the D-Backs, I saw a familiar face.  Salty as I call him from his Texas Ranger days has the longest name in MLB with 14 letters. Anyone else come close in MLB? The only ones who came close have 12 letters.

Padres: Will Middlebrooks

Rays: C.J. Riefenhauser

Indians: Marc Rzepczynski

Tigers: Al Alburquerque






Fire the Manager, now what?



The Miami Marlins have hired a new manager, a manger with no professional baseball experience, no manger experience. Now he is going to take on a team who needs help with management. Confused? I know I am.

Miss Baseball is no stranger to mangers getting fired it happens. Some of the greatest mangers were fired.  In recent news it has surprised me how quickly a manager is being fired. It is just barely mid May and we have lost two managers. Owner and the front office think the problem is the mangers.

Mangers have often been the scapegoat of the team. We can’t blame the big bat we paid a small country GDP on, or the All-Star pitcher we traded our top 5 prospects no it has to be the manager.

Owners have forgotten what it take to have a successful baseball team. Here are the three things you need as a team to create a solid foundation for a winning season.

Build a cohesive team. When everyone has a position it build confidence. I think two examples of this is the Kansas City Royals and the LA Dodgers.

Create a well stocked farm system. Players are going to get hurt. It is a fact. Who you sign might not be there in September, you have to be prepared. Also if there is a position that is lacking a call up might get the chance to make your team shine.

Hire a good manager. Noticed I didn’t say experience.  While experience helps it is not a requirement. I have to say I feel sorry for Dan Jennings, he has been set up to fail.

Fun Fact Friday: Dodgers

IMG_20150508_075102_kindlephoto-25741065 IMG_20150508_074952_kindlephoto-25833169

I went to Big League Weekend in March. I wanted to see my Texas Rangers. Something funny happened that day. I kinda became a Dodger fan. OK I like the Dodgers. Its was fun to see Joc Pederson before he was Joc Pederson. If you look at the program, Grandal doesn't have a jersey number. Flash forward to yesterday and he had 8 RBIs and 2 3-Run Home Runs. So today I would show you my program and Box Score of the game.  Oh Grandal's number is 9.


 LA DODGERS       AB  R  H BI  TEXAS            AB  R  H BI
 Hernández ss      4  2  1  1  Martín cf         1  0  0  0 
 Samson ss         1  1  1  0  DeShields ph-cf   2  0  0  0 
 Turner 3b         3  1  2  2  Andrus ss         2  0  0  0 
 Britton 3b        3  1  1  3  Lucas ss          2  0  0  0 
 Puig rf           2  0  0  0  Ludwick dh        2  0  0  0 
 Hazelbaker rf     2  0  1  0  Peguero ph-dh     2  0  0  0 
 González 1b       3  2  2  2  Gallo 3b          2  0  0  0 
 Carson lf         2  0  0  0  G Rodriguez 3b    2  0  1  0 
 Grandal c         4  0  1  0  Hoying rf         2  0  1  0 
 Buchter p         0  0  0  0  Brinson rf        2  1  1  0 
 R Troncoso p      0  0  0  0  Smolinski lf      2  0  1  0 
 Zarraga ph        1  1  1  0  Strausborger lf   1  0  0  0 
 Ravin p           0  0  0  0  Odor 2b           2  0  0  0 
 Guerrero lf       3  0  0  0  Spivey 2b         1  0  0  0 
 Nicasio p         0  0  0  0  Rosales 1b        2  0  1  0 
 Ogle ph-c         2  0  1  0  Adams 1b          1  1  1  0 
 Pederson cf       2  1  1  0  Gimenez c         2  0  0  0 
 Witherspoon cf    2  1  1  0  Lyon c            1  1  1  3 
 Barney 2b         3  0  2  0  
 Sweeney pr-2b     2  1  1  1  
 Greinke p         2  0  0  0  
 Jensen 1b         2  0  1  1  
 TOTALS           43 11 17 10  TOTALS           31  3  7  3

 LA DODGERS                103 011 041 -- 11
 TEXAS                     000 000 030 --  3

 E--Andrus. DP--LA DODGERS 1, TEXAS 2. LOB--LA 
 DODGERS 9, TEXAS 2. 2B--Samson. HR--Lyon 1 (1) 
 (off R Troncoso), González 2 (2) (off Bonilla, 
 Ranaudo), Hernández 1 (2) (off Ranaudo), Turner 1 
 (2) (off Ranaudo), Britton 1 (1) (off Bonilla). 
 SB--Pederson 1 (2). CS--Hoying, Martín.
                                   IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
 Greinke (W,1-0)                    4   3   0   0   1   6   0
 Nicasio                            2   0   0   0   0   4   0
 Buchter                            1   0   0   0   0   2   0
 R Troncoso                         1   3   3   3   0   0   1
 Ravin                              1   1   0   0   0   3   0
 Ranaudo (L,0-1)                    4   6   4   3   2   2   3
 Bonilla                            4   8   6   6   1   7   2
 D. Martínez                      2-3   3   1   1   1   0   0
 Slack                            1-3   0   0   0   0   0   0

 WP--Bonilla 2. SO--LAD: Grandal 3, Carson 2, 
 Guerrero, Jensen, Ogle, Greinke. TEX: Ludwick 2, 
 Odor 2, Lucas 2, Brinson, Martín, Peguero, Hoying,
 Gallo, Andrus, Gimenez, G Rodriguez, Smolinski. 
 BB--LAD: Samson, Puig, Pederson, Jensen. TEX: 
 Martín. T--3:03. A--25,434.

Miss Baseball’s MLB Franchise Four picks


Oh lets have some fun today. I love baseball, I love everything about the game, and I love the long rich history of the game. So MLB has a ballot online at :http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2015/ .jsp

Well I thought I would give you my picks for each team. Now i have to say this was hard. My love of the game and some personal morals and knowledge of the game really made some of these choices hard. In some cases I would cry out to the baseball gods and ask how am I supposed to choose. (toughest teams were Yankees and Red and Cardinals)

So being a life long Texas girl lets start there

Texas Rangers: When I think of Ranger baseball who comes to mind. Now I don’t know if the team made the list or if MLB made the list but my first three choices were no brainers.

Micheal Young, Ivan Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan and my write in because I don’t know how you can talk about Ranger baseball and not mention him. RUSTY GREER!

Astros: I really thought about who do you think about when you think about the Astros, Nolan Ryan is a given. Then you have to pick the killer Bees. Bagwell, Berkman and HOF Biggio

Angels: Anderson, Guerrero,Finley,Salmon

A’s: Simmons, Foxx, Henderson, Eckersley

Mariners: Griffey, Johnson, Martinez, Suzuki

White Sox: Minnie Minoso,Harold Baines,Frank Thomas,Paul Konerko

Indians: Bob Feller,Jim Thome,Omar Vizquel,Tris Speaker

Tigers: Ty Cobb,Alan Trammell,Hank Greenberg,Justin Verlander

Royals:George Brett,Bret Saberhagen,Alex Gordon,Write In: Bo Jackson

Twins:Kirby Puckett,Walter Johnson,Rod Carew,Harmon Killebrew

Red Sox: Cy Young,Carl Yastrzemski,Ted Williams,Pedro Martinez

Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr,Brooks, Robinson,Frank Robinson,Jim Palmer

Yankees: Joe DiMaggio,Lou Gehrig,Babe Ruth,Mickey Mantle

Rays: Evan Longoria,Carlos Pena,David Price,James Shields

Blue Jays: Jose Bautista,Joe Carter,Carlos Delgado, and because I can write in my favorite Blue Jay Frank Catalanotto

National League

Braves:Hank Aaron,Greg Maddux,John Smoltz,Eddie Mathews

Marlins: Livan Hernandez,Giancarlo Stanton,Josh Beckett Write in: Rick Helling

Mets: John Franco,Dwight Gooden,Mike Piazza,David Wright

Phillies: Chuck Klein,Jimmy Rollins,Mike Schmidt,Chase Utley

Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman,Andre Dawson,Vladimir Guerrero,Gary Carter

Cubs: Ernie Banks,Ryne Sandberg,Ferguson Jenkins,Ron Santo

Reds: Johnny Bench,Barry Larkin,Joe Morgan,Frank Robinson

Brewers:Prince Fielder, Rollie Fingers,Paul Molitor,Robin Yount

Pirates: Roberto Clemente,Ralph Kiner,Willie Stargell,Honus Wagner

Cardinals:Lou Brock,Dizzy Dean,Rogers ,Hornsby,Stan Musial

Diamondbacks: Luis Gonzalez,Randy Johnson,Curt Schilling,Matt Williams

Rockies: Dante Bichette, Vinny Castilla,Todd Helton,Larry Walker

Dodgers: Steve Garvey,Sandy Koufax,Jackie Robinson,Fernando Valenzuela

Padres: Adrian Gonzalez,Tony Gwynn,Trevor Hoffman,Jake Peavy

Giants: Christy Mathewson,Willie Mays,Buster Posey, and I don’t know how you can talk about the Giants and not mention Will Clark so he is my last write in vote.

Ok so that’s the list, Who would you pick?