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MLB All Star Game results and Harper’s body


Last night the All Star game starters were announced.  Contrary to popular belief, the Royals did not have the entire starting lineup; they do have four. One of the best catchers in the game Salvador Perez. SS Alcides Escobar, Outfielders:  Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon.

The fans of baseball took to their computers and voted for who they thought should get in. I talked about how the fans should always vote in Vote love not WAR. If you don’t like how the results are going you have the power to change it. The rest of the line up is 1st Miguel Cabrera, 2nd Jose Altuve, 3rd Josh Donaldson, DH is Nelson Cruz.

Ned Yost has already said that Mike Trout will play center and Cain will play right.

In the NL there was not one team dominate, Sad for me none of my Dodgers are starting. The Reds who are hosting the All Star Game this year  have one player

Catcher Buster Posey, 1st Paul Goldschmidt, 2nd Dee Gordon, SS Jhonny Peralta, OF Matt Holliday, Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper.

Yes, there are some players on the DL in that case, the reserve with the most votes in the same position will get to start and the replacement for the roster is chosen by the manager.

The reserves will be announced on tonight on ESPN. After the announcement show, Fans will get a chance to vote again, for the Final Vote from a list of five players in each league.

Now for some eye candy today.  I want to thank ESPN for the ESPN body issue, featuring on the cover Bryce Harper. Sadly Harper has chosen not to participate the home run derby but this photo has hit a home run for sure.  Harper has been quoted saying ” he needs to work on his abs.” I am just one women’s opinion but the abs are great. Magic Mike great!