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MLB All Star Game: Vote Love not WAR



I saw this on Twitter, and my response was fans vote for love not WAR.  Heyman has forgotten that this is the All Star Game, where the FANS get to vote. This is not about who should go it’s about who is going to go to the All Star Game. Fans make the decision. FANS VOTE. Speaking as a fan, I have always voted with my heart and not by how good someone is playing. I love the underdogs and the comebacks most of all.  I think the Royal fans would agree with me.


Is there something wrong with voting for your heart? I don’t think so, this is a known popularity contest. The only requirement is you play ball and have some talent, I can guarantee you that the biggest bats in the game are not going to be home . Fans dig the longball. Baseball purist want someone “technically” the best. I make no apologies for my votes which do include a lot of Royals. The players even understand this.

Mike Trout when asked about the Royals being the majority on the All Star ballot:

“The majority of those guys are having great years, so you can’t take it away from them. The fans have a right to vote, and they’re out there voting.”


Here is a little metric for the baseball purist: Sabr, has only 24.4K followers on Twitter, while MLB has 4.84M that Million followers. I am not unsympathetic to your cause, I think the best players should go to the All Star game but if you are going to make it a fan vote then there should be no complaining about how the fans vote.