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Which game to win?


Miss baseball is tired, Allergies have me a little sick but mostly I am tired because I have been staying up way past my bedtime to watch some baseball. I watched the Royals and the Tigers go at it till wee hours of Monday morning, and when 5am hit to start getting the kids ready for school well lets just say that hurt. Enough about me. Last night as I watched the Red Sox beat the A’s and it got me thinking Which game is more important to win?

Last night the Royals lost to the Texas Rangers, (Go Rangers!) and while the Rangers are making a much needed comeback I am sorry the Royals were exhausted from the long game the night before. I knew the Royals were going to lose the game but the Tiger game was more important. Why? Well real baseball people know why, but Miss Baseball always wants to bring everyone into the fold. Lets talk about standings.

Major League Baseball has 30 teams and they are divided into two leagues the American League and the National League.  Each of those leagues are divided up into divisions. Here is a pretty picture to help you out.




Standing are important because if you are in the first on the standings you go to the playoffs. To answer the original question which game to win. You always will pick the team in your division.  While no on likes losing it was more important for the Royals to beat the Tigers because they are in the same division. This means they would be one whole game down in the standings and because they are on top and the Tigers are number two then the Tigers would lead the division. The Rangers are not in the same division so they would only lose .5 of a game, which is why on the chart you see the .5.

So a little sample math,( now I should put that if no other teams were playing because all the other teams  playing do change standings)

The Royals play three games with the Tigers and the Rangers

The Royals have a great series and win

They would stay at  first and the tigers would be 4 GB

Tigers:  GB:1+3 losses = GB: 4

If they did the same for the Rangers they would only add 1.5


If you are going to go all out do it for someone in your division.






Evie Day


My favorite manager is Tony La Russa, he and I agree on several points when it comes to baseball. We also agree on something very close to my heart. Homeless pets. I knew about the story and felt bad for the poor kitty, I have worked in a stadium it can be very big and scary and to a cat it is multiplied. I had heard that the kitty went home with La Russa and until today that was all I thought about the cat who later would be named Evie.

I follow Tony on Twitter and I am familiar with ARF. Animal Rescue Foundation.  Today I read the history of ARF. which you can find here: https://www.arflife.org/history

The story goes that the poor kitty ran around the field and was so scared of all the big scary guys trying to catch her. Tony gently coaxed her into the A’s clubhouse and then took her home. He and his wife Elaine made the sad discovery that there were NO no-kill shelters and the kitty who would later be named Evie after the owner of the A’s would be killed. Tony and Elaine found a permanent home for Evie but the experience led them to change.

Less than a year after saving Evie they created ARF, with the goal to save cats and dogs from the high-kill shelters. In the first year they had some office space and saved about 100 cats and dogs. Today they have a 37,700 square foot animal shelter and have rehomed more than 30,000 animals.

Please go to https://www.arflife.org/   and make a donation. Keep animals off the street and the field.