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Q and A with Miss Baseball.


Right now I am glad I write and don’t do a video log. I normally have a high Minnie Mouse voice and now I sound like a old lady that smoked for 20 yrs. As I am too tired and sick to give you all a real post I thought I would answer questions that people at random ask me.



Q: I thought you were a Royals fan; Why do you have a Ranger wreath on  your door?

I was a Royals fan because my favorite player last year played for them. If it came down in the playoff between the Royals and the Rangers I would hope the Rangers would beat down the Royals.

Q: You don’t have cable how can you watch all the baseball games?

The MLB app is wonderful, I buy for spring training and I can watch every game during the season other than the Rangers and Astros live.  I have to wait 90 mins after a game as ended to watch them because I am in their blackout zone.

Q: You post a bunch of stuff about the Dodgers, what’s up with that?

Thanks to being a part of the Kaplifestyle family, I started watching the Dodgers because of that. Now I watch the Dodgers because I am a fan.

Q: You write a blog about baseball! Why?

Why? Why not, I hope to be a place where women, chicks,
, whatever we call ourselves to talk about the game. There is so much sports news geared towards men, but women like baseball too. In my experience, I know more women who know more about the game than most men.  the exception to the rule is unless you played at a professional level.

Q: Do you talk to baseball players? I couldn’t do that I would be too scared.

Sure! on Twitter mostly. They are not scary, they are people. Some are really nice, some are jerks. Treat them like a person and they will treat you like one too.


Alex Gordon and other All Star game unfairness


Last night, I am watching the Royals game (because I am in the MLB.TV stupid blackout zone for the Rangers) I love the Royals so I am happy watching the game, until it happened. Alex Gordon while running for a fly ball, falls to the ground in extreme pain. He had to be carted off the field. To see someone in that much pain brought tears to my eyes.  Gordon has a Grade 2 groin strain.  He is expected to be out for 8 weeks and he is out of the All- Star game. Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees will take Alex Gordon’s spot on the roster.While injuries are a part of the game, this injury especially, just takes your breath away. I wish Alex a full recovery, I never wish anyone a speedy recovery as time is very precious and I want him to come back good and strong, better be a little late then to not come back at all.

Now for other All Star game unfairness,

Brandon McCarthy, was having one of his more serious moments on Twitter, he was not just supporting his teammate Clayton Kershaw, but showing how something is very wrong if a person like Kershaw is in a run off. While the fans voted for the starters of the All Star game, Pitchers were voted by the players.  Kershaw is in the Final Vote run off, I agree with Brandon and not because I am a Dodger fan but because, Kershaw is the best and he shouldn’t be in a run off.



MLB All Star Game: Vote Love not WAR



I saw this on Twitter, and my response was fans vote for love not WAR.  Heyman has forgotten that this is the All Star Game, where the FANS get to vote. This is not about who should go it’s about who is going to go to the All Star Game. Fans make the decision. FANS VOTE. Speaking as a fan, I have always voted with my heart and not by how good someone is playing. I love the underdogs and the comebacks most of all.  I think the Royal fans would agree with me.


Is there something wrong with voting for your heart? I don’t think so, this is a known popularity contest. The only requirement is you play ball and have some talent, I can guarantee you that the biggest bats in the game are not going to be home . Fans dig the longball. Baseball purist want someone “technically” the best. I make no apologies for my votes which do include a lot of Royals. The players even understand this.

Mike Trout when asked about the Royals being the majority on the All Star ballot:

“The majority of those guys are having great years, so you can’t take it away from them. The fans have a right to vote, and they’re out there voting.”


Here is a little metric for the baseball purist: Sabr, has only 24.4K followers on Twitter, while MLB has 4.84M that Million followers. I am not unsympathetic to your cause, I think the best players should go to the All Star game but if you are going to make it a fan vote then there should be no complaining about how the fans vote.



Fun Fact Friday: 15 years ago. Brawl



We all saw it last night, Royals and White Sox going at it like it was a bar fight. Brawls are a part of baseball. My official stance is brawling is going to get someone hurt and definitely get someone suspended. The date of this video is why I am sharing it. 15 years and one day ago (Creepy! Right?) The White Sox were in another serious brawl but this time against the Detroit Tigers  Be careful guys. You still have to play baseball.

Miss Baseball Predictions Part 1 AL


                           American League
East.                          Central.                   West
Orioles.                      Royals.                   Angels
Red Sox.                    Tigers.                    Rangers
Blue Jays.                  Indians.                  Mariners
Yankees.                    White Sox.              Astros
Rays.                          Twins.                     A’s
Wild card: Rangers
ALDS: Royals
                            National League
East.                          Central.                    West
Nationals.                 Cubs.                       Dodgers
Marlins.                    Cardinals.                 Padres
Braves.                      Reds.                        Giants
Phillies.                      Brewers.                   D-Backs
Mets.                          Pirates.                     Rockies
Wild Card: Padres
NLDS: Cubs

Well baseball has started, for the first time, I’m going to make predictions. I researched, and studied. The last time I did this much work I was in college. Today I’m going to discuss my reason for the top leaders and wild card for the American League. Part 2 will be the National League and part 3 and 4  Will be what each team needs to improve upon to make it higher in the standings.

Part 1: American League
The team did lose Butler and Aoki, but the rest of the team is there. The Royals are the definition of pitching with the three-headed monster still intact. I see a repeat of last year and they go back to the World Series.

Please excuse me while I tuck my fandom along with my hair under my cap. We have new and uplifting manger, Banister #nevereverquit A fully healed up team. It’s time to show the world what these Rangers are made of. I see a huge battle against the Angels for first place.

Angels had problems last year with Richards being injured, and Hamilton bat going to sleepy town. Hamilton’s bat is being replaced while he recovers from surgery and Richards is set for a comeback. I hate to admit but Trout is one of the best players in the game. In the end the Angels will just barely edge out the Rangers.

Orioles: Buck Showalter is one of the best managers in baseball. Whatever the O’s need Showalter is going to find a way. Look for more surprising moves that seem to only work for the O’s.