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Fun Fact Friday: Big League Weekend


Major League Baseball is coming to San Antonio. The Texas Rangers Vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers. Two days of exhibition games.  And guess who is going to Saturday’s game. ( hint you are reading her blog) That’s right!  ME! 


So for Fun Fact Friday some facts on this year’s Big League Weekend:
When March 20 @7 PM and March 21 @1 PM which is when I’m going.
Where: The Alamodome
What else is going to be there?: On Friday Jeff Kent will sign autographs and on Saturday Ranger Great: Ruben Sierra will be signing as well.
I don’t know how I am supposed to wait. I just can’t. I got my tickets!  There are still tickets available check out:

From Spring Training to the World Series


For today’s fun fact Friday, I thought I would look up the winners of Spring Training and see how it compared to who went to the World Series. I went back from 2006 and only one team was the leader in Spring Training and then went to and in their case went on to win the World Series. The San Francisco Giants in 2010 did both. Looking at all the records, I have to say Spring Training is not a glimpse of how your team is going to do. So enjoy your team getting back into the swing of things but the real season starts in April.

Baseball is HERE!


Oh if opening day is a steak dinner then right now the first games of spring training are the salad before the meal. If you have MLB.TV you can see some of the games, I can’t see my Rangers or Jayson Nix playing with the O’s today but later on I will be able to. So like a misplaced fastball, I’m outta here, it’s time for baseball. If you have MLB.TV then here is the spring training schedule. PLAY BALL!!!!


Hey! Where are the pictures?!


Ok, We all know Miss Baseball’s undying fandom for Jayson Nix, he’s trying to make the O’s right now. There have been tons of pictures taken from Spring Training but no pictures of Nix. It’s not just the O’s , most of the teams will only show a few big names and that’s it. I see the photographers but where are the pictures? Baseball is a TEAM sport so stop highlighting one or two players and take some photos of all the members. To the O’s How about some Jayson Nix photos? And while I am rubbing this magic lamp could you tell him his number one fan is cheering for him.