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TBT Ranger Stuff!



So as you may know, I am a avid follower of Kap Lifestyle Gabe Kapler’s blog about health and fitness. In a resent post, he discussed the benefits of getting rid of clutter. Check it out here:http://kaplifestyle.com/2015/03/organization-and-clutter

well I decided to clean out all my clutter which was surprisingly easy and mostly paper. I dug around my closet and found this box, and it was full of my baseball stuff. It was like a time capsule of all the baseball stuff I had collected. Thanks Gabe Kapler, if I hadn’t uncluttered I would have never found all these wonderful things.

The items include. a signed banner, a program from a regular game in 2001 and a program from the 1999 division series. and the 2001 year book. a signed Kapler baseball, (its faded its 13 yrs old) dirt from the warning track from The Ballpark in Arlington. a team photo of the 1992 Rangers. We are going to go over all this stuff later but today here are some pictures from  the 2001 yearbook





What a wonderful discovery to find another signed item of Frank Catalanotto. I didn’t remember either my signed Kapler ball, I don’t know if it can been seen on film but its there just really faded and even though it wasn’t exposed to light it still fades away. so tip use a Sharpie. Today was like finding money, it was wonderful to remember when I got the book and when I saw these guys play ball.

TBT: Steve Buechele


I always have a smile when I see Steve Buechele. I was a Miss Baseball before I was”Miss Baseball”. So I am at the ball game about 1990 and I was about 12 and Steve comes up to bat. The Stadium has an uproar of BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I was one of the loudest. There were two older ladies and they looked very confused.

“Why are they booing that young man at the plate?” they ask

I who has a known case of Answeritis: if I know the answer I am going to tell you. Its a chronic condition, I still have it but I keep it managed.

Back then I had no problem telling anyone who would listen about baseball and Ranger baseball was my favorite subject. I gave the ladies a quick lesson in Ranger Fandom.

“His name is Steve “Boo”schele. so when he comes up to plate you have to boo him.”

The ladies look at each other, “Well we didn’t know that thank you for telling us.”

My work was done.

Ten years later I got a chance to hear him speak and when he came to the mic, we booed him. A huge smile came across his face and he said.

“it feels good to be booed again.”

TBT: Michael Young



This photo tweeted from the Rangers with the caption ” Mr. Ranger is back. There are certain players they just belong in a Ranger uniform and Michael Young is the definition of Ranger baseball. I thought I would tell the story of how Michael Young tried to kill me.  Ok not really but it’s a fun story.

First it must be explained the difference between a normal person playing catch and ballplayers playing catch before a game.
When let’s say me for instance I’m playing catch. I’m just trying to get the ball in my glove and throw it back without making a fool of myself. When a ballplayer is playing catch he is trying to warm up his muscles for a baseball game.
Why is this important well you’ll see.

It’s 2001 and there is this rookie. Michael Young. He is playing catch to Alex (yes that Alex) I’m just entered the ballpark and I’m making a bee line for the first rows so when the guys are done maybe I might get an autograph. I’m hearing the sound of balls being thrown into gloves.  Then I hear

There is a bullet from Michael Young headed straight for my face, my glove is in my hands but not on my hand there is no way I can catch it bare handed in my split second decision I hit the dirt as do most of the fans. The sound of the ball hitting the back of the seats sounded like the crack of the bat. I’m young so I jump right back up. Alex comes over and asks if everyone is ok. We are all so stunned no one realizes who is asking if we are ok. We were fine. I see a very concerned Michael and Alex reassured him that we were fine. I then call out Alex
” Hey let me get my glove on!”
He smiles and say ” You should have already had it on.”
” Well, I thought you were going to catch the ball.”
“I wouldn’t always bet on that!”
I wave at Michael who waves backs and smiles, I think we were all glad that ball didn’t hit me or anyone that day.
Moral of the story always wear your glove or Mr. Ranger might get you.