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Miss Baseball’s Fan Etiquette Guide


Today I was reading an article in the New York Post and I am very upset with how the fans behaved at the game. Being a lifelong Texas Ranger fan, I don’t even like the Yankees but poor Brett Gardner is hit by his own Yankee fan, throwing back a Blue Jay home run. Then Mark Teixeira is run over by a fan trying to get a foul ball that he missed. I mean come on did you not see the giant baseball player. I am shocked at these New York fans, I thought you knew better. Great! I am now defending Yankees, even the thought is making my skin crawl but even the evil empire needs people to behave. I think a top five rules to help out what I am hoping are just clueless fans.

Rule 1: Don’t ever hit one of your own players with a ball. Baseball is very hard and it hurts.

Rule 2: Don’t run over your own player to get a foul ball.


Rule 3: There are rules in MLB about autographs. Players can’t give autographs during the game. So don’t ask.

Rule 4: Be NICE! I can’t tell you how many times, people thought it was ok to say. “Oh you are in a slump right now. Maybe it’s time you learn to hit the ball.” I have seen grown men shove kids in the autograph area. Don’t do it. Be nice.

Rule 5: Be Positive. No booing your own players or team. When you see them, smile and tell them how you are cheering for them. Give them positive energy and that will turn into positive energy in the field.

Follow these rules and you can have happy ballplayers and happy fans; even if they are Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez Apology




Dear Alex,
I have been a fan of baseball since I was 2. While I wouldn’t speak for all fans I do speak for me. I am a forgiving person. Anger and grudges only hurt the person who holds them. I make a choice each day not to hold on the anger. I am ready to forgive you but your apology needs more.

So here is the apology that I want:

Dear Fans of baseball,
I am sorry, I was wrong. I made decisions that I will regret for the rest of my life. I am not asking for your forgiveness. I’m only asking for a chance to earn your respect. I have changed and I will never be that person again. I will do everything in my power to be the player you can be proud to cheer for.
Sincerely Apologetic,
Alex Rodriguez

You have served your suspension. Forgiveness can be had you just have to earn our respect.

Miss Baseball