Fun Fact Friday: HOF ballot


This year’s Hall of Fame ballot has some of the best names in baseball. I thought for fun today I would share not only the ballot but my choices of who should go into the hall. My choices are in bold. You can only pick 10. Tell me your choices.
To see the stats of the inductees check out:

1. Craig Biggio
2 . Mike Piazza
3 . Jeff Bagwell
4 . Tim Raines
5. Roger Clemens
6 . Barry Bonds
7. Lee Smith
8 . Curt Schilling
9 . Edgar Martinez
10. Alan Trammell
11 . Mike Mussina
12 . Jeff Kent
13 . Fred McGriff
14. Mark McGwire
15. Larry Walker
16 . Don Mattingly
17. Sammy Sosa
18 . Randy Johnson
19. Pedro Martinez
20. John Smoltz
21. Gary Sheffield
22 . Brian Giles
23. Nomar Garciaparra
24 . Carlos Delgado
25. Darin Erstad
26. Tom Gordon
27 . Jason Schmidt
28 . Cliff Floyd
29. Jermaine Dye
30 . Rich Aurilia
31. Troy Percival
32. Aaron Boone
33 . Tony Clark
34. Eddie Guardado

About Miss Baseball

I am a lover of baseball. I love everything about the game. From the Hot Guys in tight white pants bending over, to the stats, the history, the strategy. I love it all. It would be even better if I and women like me could play. One day soon.....

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