TBT: Dean Palmer



Here is my unsigned 8×10 of Dean Palmer. I love baseball, I love the nature of the game. I love the stats and I love to watch diving catches and big homeruns. But before I loved the game,I loved the ballplayers.

I had a huge crush on Dean Palmer! Oh I had it bad, doodles on the notebook, (What!  Hollie Palmer has a nice ring to it) confused friends who couldn’t understand why I was so into baseball. This is not a tale of my interaction with him, because there is none. I could never get the courage to ask him to sign my photo, the best I could do was write to him. A week later he was traded to Kansas City. The Rangers were kind enough to send my letter back. I cried for a week.  A harsh lesson learned.  I should go up to the players say Hi, maybe get a autograph, maybe a picture. Now with the power of social media and a little bit of bravery, I can ask the question I have been waiting so long to ask.  So Dean Palmer Can I have your autograph?

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